Eisteddfod 2015 Updates

Mae’n ddrwg gyda fi, I’ve been a bit tied up with Nadolig and haven’t had chance to send photos. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!





Gwych @MaureenBeeson!

Oh Diolch yn fawr!!! And to @Deborah-SSi and the printer and the kind person who payed… diolch i chi pawb!!!
Idea for 2016, I was thinking, for strict meter verse it is usual to award a chair (cadair). How about a little one suitable for display on mantle or window ledge??? Not that I know the rules for strict meter!!!


I think we need you on the ‘Gorsedd’ for next year @henddraig - all suggestions welcome!

Fantastic! Well done, Maureen, and thank you so much for sharing the pics!

@Deborah-SSi - something to share with the financial contributors, if you haven’t already? :sunny: :star2:

I am totally unqualified to be on any Gorsedd!! I told you, I don’t even know the rules of Cynghanedd!!! I guess you were :black_joker: :smiley:

Not joking at all! There are lots of different tasks for the Eisteddfod, most of which can be done online and don’t need any special talent, just a bit of spare time really, e.g. finding Welsh businesses that sell online and contacting them to see if they’re willing to sponsor a prize. You don’t need Cynghanedd for that … unless you want to approach them in verse :wink:

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Hehe … unique way to do that … Did you ever try this @Deborah-SSi.

[size=10](Ups, but don’t count me into this it was just a “playful” thought. I don’t have a clue about poetry Cymraeg and I’m a bit sorry I’ve promissed I’d be in this year’s Eisteddfod (wow, I’ve written this word from my head!!!).)[/size]

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Not in Cymraeg!! I wrote the Annual Report on our WI in verse and a few entertainments, but it is terrible doggeral not poetry!!!

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I was going to tell you that, once the petition is sent, I might be able to help with this or that, although contacting Welsh businesses wouldn’t be my ideal task!!
However, having me organise anything may be foolhardy… I had a horrible realisation yesterday evening that I am suffering from dementia, Altzheimers or somesuch! To send an e-mail to my MSP when I know he’s my MSP and when I know my new MP is called O’Hara is clear evidence of worse than nominal aphasia. The fact that it took me until yesterday evening when watching a recording of Politics Scotland to realise what I’d done makes me aware of just how much more this was than a ‘Senior Moment’. So send my e-mail address, but warn the poor man that I’m not exactly firing on all cylinders!!!