Edinburgh Meet Up - anyone Interested?


I’m new to SSiW and I would love to meet other learners in the area to practise speaking.
Is anyone interested in meeting in Edinburgh for a cuppa and a practise?
I’m in Penicuik, South of Edinburgh but can travel to Edinburgh or somewhere else in the central belt if more suitable.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome Emily :slight_smile:

Although it’s a pre-covid thread, some of the people here might be interested


Yes please! I live near Livingston, and I am in Edinburgh regularly.


Thank you, I’ve posted on that thread now too :smiley:

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Brill! I will wait to see if anymore people are interested and then we can decide on dates.

I spend about ½ my time in Edinburgh and would be keen to meet up!

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@ian-james @pollypolly Brill! What days and times work best for you? Afternoons are best for me but I’m flexible on which day of the week/weekend.

In Nairn, a bit too far :frowning:

I’ve not got a regular schedule but am around on Tuesday and Wednesday (30th 31st) next week but then not for a few weeks. Any time would be ok for me . I live in the Stockbridge area so anywhere in the city would be fine.

No time like the present, or close enough, so let’s pick Tuesday afternoon, say 2pm. Ian-james, you probably know Edinburgh best, so can you pick a venue for us?

Tuesday at 2pm is great.
Can it be a dog friendly place please as I’ll have a dog with me that day? That’s if you both don’t mind her coming along? I know most starbucks are dog friendly but I’m sure there will be lots of dog friendly places around.

I know nothing about dog friendly places, but how about the Starbucks at Holy Corner, the junction of Colinton Road and Merchiston Avenue? It should be less busy than the very center of town.

That works for me. Looking forward to it!

Hi Emily @emily-mccaw & Polly @pollypolly this is good for me as well. See you there! Ian.

I’m glad that suits you too Ian. So Emily will have a dog, I’ll have my knitting, we’ll find each other, and hopefully Ian and anyone else who may appear can find us from that.

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