Edinburgh Meet Up - anyone Interested?

Sorry Jill, I’m not in Edinburgh (not even in Scotland!), I’m in North Wales. I only posted to point out people who might be in Edinburgh, but I hope you’ll be able to link up with someone who is :slight_smile:

Bore da, haven’t been on the forum for a bit and just noticed this. Yes that would be a great idea. We could also ask on the Duolingo learners Facebook page too and elsewhere to see who is out there. I’m sure there are others.

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Bore da!

Neis clywed oddi wrtho ti!

I am not on the forum much either. Tbh I have tried SSI and haven’t really got on with it; I’m studying with learnwelsh.cymru (arlein wrth gwrs!) and doing DuoLingo so that’s enough learning really, I just need more speaking!
But I’ll try to set up a new thread on the forum and will look at finding people through DuoLingo too. What is your username on DuoLingo so I can follow you? I am Tracy, username Misty_Pig with a picture of me and my cat!

Gobeithio byddan ni’n gallu cwrdd cyn bo hir!


Rwy’n dysgu ar-lein hefyd gyda Choleg Cambria. Dechreuais sylfaenu Gogledd ym mis Hydref. ckx1ky25 dw i air Duolingo. I do a lot of saysomething if travelling etc. I’m sure there will be one or two others nearby. If we get something arranged we can put a wee poster here and there in the learner community.

That’s a good idea to post on Duolingo. Are you in the FB Duolingo Users group? You may find others in Scotland there as well.

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Hello Emily,
I typed Edinburgh learners into the search box and came up with your post. Have you had any success in meeting other learners in Edinburgh?
I am female, early seventies, no Welsh ancestry but very motivated to speak Welsh because one of my sons is living with his Welsh fiancée near Caernarfon and they are bringing up their two children, aged 3 and 1, as Welsh speakers. They reason that they will pick up English soon, but a good grounding in Welsh will mean that they will always be comfortable in it. This is admirable, but also frustrating for their
Scottish family! Dw i ‘di bod yn dysgu ers tua blwyddyn, ond dw i angen ymarfer! I’m on level3 in SSiW, and I’m also using Duolingo, but I would love to practise locally…I am in South Edinburgh. If you, or anyone else reading this within easy travelling distance, would be interested in meeting for coffee and some rather halting chat, I would love to hear from you. Regards, Ann

Hi Ann,

If you private message me your number and I can Whatsapp you as I really don’t use the forum much (apologies for the late reply). Hopefully you’re a whatsapp user?

I’ve met up a couple of times with people for a coffee/tea but we are due another. I will start a whatsapp group with everyone to check who is available when. :slight_smile:

I am away on holiday at the end of the month but am free every sat and sunday afternoon in April (apart from sat 15th) so can definitely meet for a drink and a practise :smiley: