Dysgwr y Flwyddyn/Learner of the Year 2015

They’ve just posted this years competition in Montgomeryshire. You’ll find all the details below. Hopefully, will see a number of SSIWers taking part. If you have any questions at all - a good number of us have taken part in previous years - just ask.

Everyone who submits an entry is invited to attend the semi-final held in Spring 2015. In the semi-final you will be interviewed by the judges, Heini Gruffudd, Alison Leyland and Sian Lloyd.”

Edit: Wow! What’s more…(do they do this every year?)
The winner will receive an invitation to become a member of the Orsedd

Yes they do.

In case any of you are thinking of giving this a whirl… :sunny:


Just a quick reminder for you to encourage learners who would like to compete in the Welsh Learner of the Year competition at the National Eisteddfod to send in their entry forms. There is just over a month to go before the closing date, 31 March.

This competition demonstrates how people can learn Welsh and make a valuable contribution to our Welsh communities. It also encourages others to learn and make use of the Welsh language.

The competition is open to any learner over 18 years old, who can speak quite fluently. Competitors can nominate themselves or be nominated by a tutor or any other person.

The first round will be held at Gregynog Hall, near Newtown, on Saturday 13 June.

All the details about the competition are on pages 8-10 of the booklet attached. If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact me.


Catrin Mair Evans
Swyddog y Dysgwyr | Learners Officer

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru | National Eisteddfod of Wales
029 2074 1700 / 0845 4090 300

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Catrin Mair Eans has just posted another e-mail mentioning what, Aran posted above… plus this link:

MaesD ar Twitter! @MaesD_Steddfod

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Hut hut hut, c’mon c’mon c’mon, t’laen!..:wink:

Is there any cost involved in entering? I’ve looked in the Handbook and it only mentions a cost for the different written and stage competitions, but I had a feeling that we paid something to enter last time I had a go. I’ve asked on the Maes D Facebook page so I’ll post a response here … for all those that are planning to enter :smile:

Very quick answer from Catrin of Maes D - no cost at all to enter!!

If anyone has any questions she’s happy to answer - catrin@eisteddfod.org.uk

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Right, so hands up all those that are entering this year!

We always have a bunch of willing volunteers that will help you practise over Skype and do mock interviews to help you, so if the people that have entered stand up and be counted we can organise some sessions.

If you’re worried about writing the entry piece, don’t be! They give everyone who enters a chance to be interviewed in the initial round and it’s the spoken Welsh that counts - how comfortable you are at speaking. It doesn’t matter if your written entry is full of mistakes. It’s just to give them a bit of an idea about your background so they can think of things to talk to you about.

So don’t be shy - let us know who has entered and it will be all hands on deck to give you a great preparation.

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Yup, this this this this this :sunny:

Okay people. I have drafted my two page application letter. Anyone want to read over it for mistakes? I presume this is permissible?


I see, Joella Price was talking about her experience of winning the competition last year on, Post Cyntaf today. I laughed heartily when Dylan told her she was talking rubbish when she said she was still a learner: after she said she was doing a course Gloywi. Dylan, was basically - “Why? You don’t need to…” He ended their chat by saying: “*Thankyou to Joella - * a former learner *…”
Anyway, Joella was on the show to encourage people to enter.
I’ll post a link later. It’s a really good talk between both of them.


Post a link, Elizabeth! I’ll give it an eye - which counts for nothing. But, I’m sure others will do a good job.

Starts 70 minutes in:

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Here’s the link to details of the Dysgwr y Flwyddyn competition: http://www.eisteddfod.org.uk/uploads/publications/1420.pdf

Ewch amdani!


Yes, absolutely. Fire away! Email if you’d prefer :sunny:

OK folks - ANYONE who even remotely fancies a go at the Learner of the Year now’s your chance.

A little bird told me they haven’t had a huge number of entries come in yet so ANYONE that enters is in with a big chance to make the final 4. Even if you think you have no hope at all, it doesn’t matter. It’s a great experience and a big boost for your Welsh.

Let’s have a big SSiW contingent and make it a party!


Gow on gow on gow on gow on gow on gow on GOW ON!..:wink:


It doesn’t matter what the topic - Father Ted always has a relevant video clip :slight_smile:


One of life’s fundamental truths :sunny:


I hope this means you’re entering Dee - if not I might have to nominate you! :wink: