Dysgwr o flwyddyn/learner of the year 2014

We get to meet the first of the four finalists on todays Post Cyntaf: Susan Carey, originally of London…I’ve posted a direct link to Radio Cymru which is up now. She appears 100 minutes into the show and is very easy to understand.

Link to this years finalists:

Diolch yn fawr :wink:

I missed Joella Price on Monday. Like Susan she has been on the Forum. If I remember she was on Hwb as well.
It starts 97 minutes in:

Today we meet Nigel Annett, the only man in this years final. It starts 108 minutes in:

Finally, Holly Cross of Caermarthen. Holly entered last year as well if memory serves. She appears 99 minutes in…

It would be great to see a SSIWer win this year and there’s a 50% chance there will be.

Looking forward to the results on Wednesday! All the very best to all contestants and many congratulations for getting this far! :slight_smile:

On i’n ddarllen eich blog diweddaf (gywch eto gyda llaw)…cwestiwn da fi… Be Mae ewadd yn golygu? Ogydd…

"Ewadd, corcar o nofel!"
I’ve just come across Ewadd in a review and rang a friend in Pen-y-Groes for a translation. He had no idea; claimed he’d never heard of the word. Can’t wait for an answer!

It’s just a kind of ‘wow!’ expression. I’ve got a feeling Iestyn uses it too, if I’m not imagining things…

Diolch, fel yli, neu oli ? enghraift: oli yfach! Gobeithio wi ddim yn rhegi!

Ta Beth, dwi’n dwli ar eich blogiau chi. Mae nhw’n gywch!

(Love the blog!)

It’s the final tonight at the Scarlets ground…Hoping, Joella or Susan win.

Llongyfarchiadau Joella!



The winner, Joella Price, is on 37 minutes in and is easy to understand:

She certainly sounds like a very natural Welsh speaker.