Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! 01/03/2020

Bore da bawb! :wales:

I hope that you are all looking forward to a fabulous weekend ahead, filled to the brim with Welshness, because as you know, Sunday, the 1st of March is Dydd Gŵyl Dewi / St Davids Day!

Are you planning on celebrating our patron saint over the weekend? Do you have any special plans? If so please share them with us, we would love to know about your different events and celebrations from across the globe - big or small.

If you haven’t organised anything yet, or aren’t sure what to do, then here are a few tips and ideas…

  • Wear a leek on your lapel… just a little pretend one… :wink:
  • Wear a daffodil on your lapel
  • Have a vase of daffodils in your home
  • Wear something red or a favourite Welsh shirt/rugby shirt
  • Listen to Welsh music
  • Listen to Radio Cymru
  • Watch S4C
  • Share your favourite Welsh music on social media
  • Sing Welsh songs
  • Speak Welsh all day
  • Read something in Welsh
  • Fly the St David flag
  • Fly the Welsh flag
  • Visit Wales
  • Play Welsh Monopoly
  • Play Welsh Scrabble
  • Cook or bake traditional Welsh fayre for a special St David’s dinner
  • Watch the famous Hedd Wyn film
  • Watch the Stormydd Awst film - filmed in Pwllheli and includes a small role by my brother.

Finally, here are some links to traditional Welsh recipes -

General collections

Individual recipes -

My all time favourite, which were cooking tomorrow night for friends is chicken, leek and tarragon pie with white wine and double cream. There are plenty of different recipes online, though as the years have passed, I’ve made up my own. Here are some photos…


I’ll certainly be doing a few culinary things (including cawl) and I’ll be wearing red knickers and my granddaughter, Izzie, will be dressed in “traditional ??” Welsh costume and our dafs are out early enough this year and…
… may I add Cig Oen a Mel to your list of recipes. It’s from “Taste of Wales” by Theodora Fitzgibbon. I often cook it for visitors, especially if they come from abroad.


Absolutely! :yum:

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Well, although it’s in Lloegr, here in Rhydychen/Oxford we’re very lucky to have Coleg yr Iesu/Jesus College (the’Welsh College’) where today they have their Dydd Gwyl Dewi service, mostly in Welsh, which some of us will be attending, as well as (double lucky :slightly_smiling_face:) Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir’s Dydd Gwyl Dewi concert tomorrow evening.

Then on Sunday, the day itself, Oxford SSiW are going to be celebrating with a family pub lunch (and diolch @bethan-williams-1 for suggesting the idea and diolch @cat-1 for suggesting the pub and booking it for us! :slightly_smiling_face:)


I’ll pay homage to Dewi Sant by doing at least one Challenge this weekend, by not giving up hope that even I can become a Welsh speaker some day :sunflower: :dragon: :blossom:


If I wasn’t out with the SSIW Rhydychen lot on Sunday, I would be trying this!


I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Go for a decent dry cider and fresh grated ginger rather than ground if possible. Bon appetit or whatever that is in Welsh. :smile:


Would a red headband count?

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As I can’t be in Wales for Dydd Gwyl Dewi I’m Welshifying (new verb) my weekend. My flat is daffodil’d (another new verb) to the rafters and I’m going to talk to myself in Welsh, which should make my internal monologue even more boring than usual. Sunday, I’m planning to make Welsh cakes and watch Hedd Wyn (thanks for the tip, Catrin). There are some great recipes here. I wish I’d looked at this thread before I went to the supermarket.


If anyone hasn’t seen or read the Llon-dain post then a few of us are going on a St David’s day walk from Stratford to Stepney. Stratford was chosen because we can start our walk in the Olympic park and then set off east along the local canals (think of it as a bit like Venice but without the need to worry about getting Foreign Office travel advice). Stepney was chosen because the pub we will end up at was once a Welsh chapel.

All levels of Welsh will be accommodated even if you struggle to say ‘Sutmae’.

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S4C says in this week’s news email to follow their social media acounts as they’d try to break some World Reocrds partnering with Guinness World Record. So this might be something where you can find an event to go to aswell.

Otherwise, the Welsh music and regular Saturday evening chat with @brigitte in Welsh is approximately all i’d do. Our daffodils are way too deep in the ground yet and will probably be out somewhere in April or even May. :frowning:

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus i bawb!

Hwyl! :slight_smile:


Stateside here. This’ll be my family’s first St. David’s Day to celebrate. We planted daffodils around our home today, will prepare Welsh meals (or try to), and will fly Y Ddraig Goch in front of the house.

I’ve been enjoying Meic Stevens and S4C. The sound of Welsh will fill our home whether we understand or not.