Dydd Gwener y Groglith

Hope I’ve spelt it right.
Can anyone give me the litteral translation please.

Friday of the Crucifixion I think is the literal translation, but in English for some reason it is known as Good Friday

We in Slovenia say somewhat like “Big Friday” (“Veliki petek”)

Crog is Cross

Llith, is Lesson/Lecture, as in a reading in church.

Croglith is the “Reading about the Cross”, normally read on Good Friday, as the English speaking world calls the Friday before Easter.

So Dydd Gwener y Groglith, would be the “Friday of the Cross Reading”.


I always thought it was sarcastic, calling it ‘Good’, or maybe it is because Christ was being a good boy and doing what his dad wanted. I have my doubts about that too. This Methodist doesn’t think a loving father sends his son to a painful death. Jesus must have done it voluntarily. Mmm confused :confused: :confounded:

One answer which touches on the historical origin:


And the bible, aka Wiklipedia:

Diolch pawb

Thanks! I had actually guessed it was probably derived from ‘godly’, ‘goodly’, ‘good’!!