Dreaming in Welsh

A strange first for me last night. I dreamt I was walking along with someone, talking to them in Welsh and understanding exactly what they were saying. A massive bit of wishful thinking but interesting that it’s penetrated my subconscious to that extent. I don’t ever remember that happening when I was doing French and German at school!I


I’m glad it’s not just me then, lol. I had my first dream yn Gymraeg a couple of weeks ago. Never happened to me either when learning French, German or Dutch. I don’t feel so weird now! It actually felt like another step forward in my learning. I often find myself talking to myself yn y Gymraeg too.


I practise out loud when I’m walking the dog, which gets me some odd looks in this v Anglophone area

Wow! My welsh ist’t good enough for that yet (though I do try to speak it to myself when possible).
I became fluent in Dutch a while back and had a dream in Dutch as well. But it hasn’t happend again :frowning:


Hugely positive sign - well done! :star:

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I’m in Bucks, btw. An area so English most people don’t even recognise Welsh when they hear it. Though I do seem to have found a few other learners around. I’m trying to organise a meet up, but finding a time we can all do is proving challenging!

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Chwarae teg i chdi Catriona. Well done you and pob lwc!

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It’s happened to me!

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It may seem counter-intuitive, but have you thought of getting those same people together for a Skype call?

Counter-intuitive because the point of being near each other means that (theoretically) it should be easy to arrange a face-to-face meeting, which most people appear to prefer. But in practice, especially as “near” is a relative term, and can still involve non-trivial journey times, maybe some skype meetings might be easier, at least to begin with, to help break the ice.

And of course, one can do both: face-to-face when it’s possible, or skype when that’s easier.

When I was learning Portuguese my lecturer at Lisbon uni said that when you start to dream in the language you are well on your way in the learning process. Well done.

Haven’t got to that stage myself yet.

I try and chat to myself on the bus (in my head - I’m mad enough already!) and also rehearse in my head the conversation I want to have.

Spent the whole day at a “Sadwrn Siarad” at Cardiff uni on Sat - really good. SSiW is good to practice speaking. Must find time to do more!!!