Drama on Radio Cymru

Interestingly, there has been a reasonable amount of drama on Radio Cymru recently.

I was brought up on (English) radio drama, and think that radio is a great medium for it. I’d hoped that there would be some on Radio Cymru, but there never seemed to be when I looked, but I’m pleased to notice more than one instance in the current schedules, including “Cmon midfield” from the archives.

Most of this is way above my head for the moment, but I’ve been downloading for future listening.

I’m using get_iplayer, which is a freebie. If you have any problems with it, give me a PM and I will try to help.

Also some other interesting programmes on Scottish independence, which of course some people will be looking at with a mind to possible future Welsh independence.

Thanks for sharing…:smile:

Well, there hasn’t been much drama on Radio Cymru lately, but last week, a new drama series started. Here is the iplayer link for the frst episode, still available for about 3 weeks at the time of writing:

Episode 2 goes out tomorrow, Dydd Gwener 15fed Ionawr 2016 12:30 GMT:

Another new Radio Cymru Drama:

The dialogue is nice and clear.
Sound like a black comedy…

I listened out for the cast list:

Richard Elfyn … google reveals this is none other than the scheming first minister in “Byw Celwydd”.

And hilariously, another cast member is called Carwyn Jones…however, I don’t think it’s the Carwyn Jones (much as it would be fun to imagine the real FM playing opposite the fictional one!).

Also Rhian Blythe, who turns out to be Grug in Gwaith/Cartref.

The other actor was a name like Swyr Medi, but I could not find anything with google.

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Another series I only noticed recently. All 6 episodes are currently available, for ~27 days at the time of writing (19.03.2017):

1st episode:

(other episodes are linked in turn).

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Thanks for the links, I’ll delve into these this week!

And i thought you said you were having a break!!!

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erm , yes, maybe I was tired, or maybe I meant a break from English, or maybe…(slight shuffling of feet, quiet whistling, caught out, bang to rights m’lud!)

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Honestly i was so impressed with your welsh and your commitment to speak it. And thank you for your patience and for calling me a walking dictionary!!!

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(“Colli Awn”) - Well, I’ve listened to it all now. SSiW learners (especially of the northern lessons) will find plenty of familiar vocabulary, and (to my ear) viewers of Rownd a Rownd will perhaps find the accents and intonations familiar (even though it wasn’t set in that part of the world, and none of the actors is from RaR as far as I can tell). But the diction was a lot clearer than RaR, and I was understanding probably 80% of the words, which doesn’t mean I was necessarily understanding the story…(I think that’s a feature of drama though … depends how the author tells the story).

If anything, the story was set partly in Cardiff, partly in London, and partly on the train in between. I expected some southern voices to come into it, but there was only one, who sprinkled his speech liberally with English - I’m not sure why, since his Welsh was otherwise perfectly good as far as I can judge. I think most of the actors were more or less well known from TV, including the one who played “Aled” in “Byw Celwydd”.

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