Dr Meredydd Evans

Alas another Welsh great has died today Dr Meredydd Evans. I know of him more from his work with welsh folk music.
Here is a clip of him talking about language and identity


Thank you for sharing this clip. He sounded like a remarkable and well balanced man. A sad loss for Wales

One of the best explanations of the difference between Nationalism = being ourselves and Nationalism = Us-over-everyone-else!! I wish this clip could be played in all schools!!


Merêd was one of the very best, and his unfailing kindness and warmth made everyone around him give more of themselves. He will not be forgotten.


Good clip.

Here’s one of his folk songs, Beth Yw’r Haf i Mi, given a modern spin by Carcharorion. That is Mêreds beautiful voice though…

Beth yw’r Haf i Mi?
(What is the Summer to Me?)

A lament of the forsaken lover written by Sir T.H. and Lady Parry Williams

This is a lament sung by a man whose partner has left him. He bemoans his loss and misery since she left. The long days of summer are now nothing to him and he pleads for her to come back when he will treat her better.
Some slightly cynical people describe it as a ‘wife-beater’s lament’.:

Beth yw’r haf i mi? Dim ond gaeaf llwm a dagrau’n lli’
Er pan gollais di, nid yw’r hirddydd haf yn ddim i mi.
Gariad bach er cilio’n ffôl
Dwed a ddoi di eto’n ôl.
Nid yw’r haf i mi’n ddim ond hirlwm er pan gollais di.

Trist yw’r galon fach pan fo swn y gwynt ym mrigau’r coed
Wedi’r canu’n iach, rwyf yn disgwyl clywed swn dy droed
Gariad bach, er crwydro ‘mhell
Tyrd yn ol i gyfarch gwell
Trist yw’r galon fach, ni bu hiraeth mwy ar neb erioed.

Beth yw’r haf i mi os yw’r fron yn glaf o dan ei chlwy?
Beth yw’r haf i mi, os yw’r galon fach ar dorri’n ddwy?
Gariad bach, er cilio’n ffôl
Dwed y ddoi di eto’n ôl
Yna bydd i ni hyfryd haf a dyddiau dedwydd mwy.

What’s the summer to me? Just a poor winter and a flood of tears
Since I lost you, long summer days are nothing to me.
Little love, despite forsaking
Say you’ll come back again
The summer means only long emptiness since I lost you

The heart is sad when the wind wails in the trees’ branches
After the singing, I expect to hear the sound of you footfall
Little love, despite wandering far
Come back to a better welcome
The heart is sad, no-one ever felt such longing

What’s the summer to me, if the lovesick breast is locked away?
What’s the summer to me, if the little heart is broken in two?
Little love, despite forsaking
Say you’ll come back again
Then there will be lovely summer and more happy days for us

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Diolch Dinas Very haunting atmospheric version,wonderful to clearly hear and learn from the clear pronunciation and flow of a true North Walian accent from a unique. person.

An engaging and poignant portrayal of the Welsh folk song historian, philosopher and light entertainment producer, Dr Meredydd Evans, who died over the weekend aged 95. Through a series of extended interviews at his home in the remote village of Cwm Ystwyth, as well as contributions from friends, admirers and family members, this is a close-up portrait of an indefatigable campaigner for justice to Wales and the Welsh language who has also directly contributed to its culture. Looking back at his long and varied career, he voices his opinions on important issues that are close to his heart. First shown in 2014.


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