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Hi folks.
Are you a normal, well-rounded person, able to look away from the forum and not feel anxiety that you might miss someone posting? Congratulations, this topic is not for you!

I thought it might be useful to give a quick overview of how one can stay on top of selective bits of the new forum.

Discourse has a notion of threads having unread messages in them, but it mixes this up with the threads being interesting - sounds unintuitive, but works well (I find). My desire is to read all the threads in the General/Questions category, everything in bootcamp, but only those Meetups/Events that’re near me. So, what I do is this:

At the top level of Welsh ( Welsh - SSi Forum ) , I click on the Dot in the top-right corner, which for me is blue, but will be grey if you’re starting out:

This brings up a menu of how you’ll get notifications about new content:

If you want to be notified about stuff in this forum (all of Welsh), hit ‘Tracking’. Now any time a new thread is created, that thread will automatically be marked as ‘Tracking’, and you’ll see it in your unread list ( http://forum.saysomethingin.com/unread ) whenever there’s unread stuff in it, and in the normal view ( Welsh - SSi Forum ) it’ll show with a blue number to show you how much new stuff there is. Note that this is for new threads only. Existing threads (such as those from the import, or simply those from before you clicked this setting), are unchanged.

Next up, there might be subforums in which you’re not globally interested, such as Meetups. In that case go to that category ( Meetups/Events - SSi Forum ) and click the dot again - now go back to Regular and new threads only in that category won’t be tracked.

“But what if I want to track just a couple of threads?” I don’t hear you cry, but will answer anyway. In that case, Discourse is quite smart and will automatically set you tracking a thread if you’ve replied in it, or if you’ve spent much time reading it, so you probably don’t need to worry - but if you do want to adjust on a per-thread basis (such as stopping tracking a particular thread that previously you were tracking, that same blue/grey dot lives at the bottom of each thread and lets you adjust settings per-thread:

Also, if there are some threads that’re super-important to you, you can choose to ‘watch’ the threads from the same dropdown, and then you’ll get notifications every time someone posts there. Useful for your home meetup group. Threads you start will be watched automatically, but you can change this in the normal way if you wish.


Excellent. Now how do we flag this up for all new users?

Ifan, could we get this linked in the welcome message? :sunny:


Like that :slight_smile:



Ffantastig , diolch.
Yn sefydlog i fi.

Is there a way to make a link to a thread in which I’m interested appear near the top of the list, even though there have not been replies to it recently?

I’m particularly interested in Mike Ellwood’s thread giving the Links to Asking Questions on the old old forum!

It would save me searching for it when I have a query on a particular lesson.

Can we pin something to the top for our individual use or is there another way of doing it?

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You can star it, yes (same block of buttons as Reply at the bottom), and then it’ll show up in your starred list ( http://forum.saysomethingin.com/starred ).


FYI, there’s also a mobile view…which I’ve just discovered…which is perfect on a tablet.

This has been posted in another thread, but may be useful to have it here (I just re-discovered it):

Not sure if this has been posted:

(Lots of fun ones there; no specifically Welsh ones yn anffodus).
Well there is this fellow :dragon: and his friend :dragon_face:


And for complete(?)ness:

(Although, bear in mind, as it says there:

Remember that bbcode tags are implemented to varying degrees and that with many variations. None of this represents strict standards.

(Don’t think [color] is implemented here for example, but I haven’t tried everything). )

EDIT: here is a link to Stu’s post about where to find the dragon emoticons:

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I moved a post to a new topic: Tattoo Translation

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Okay, I have a new question here. I have bookmarked a topic (with the little “bookmark” button at the bottom fo the topic) but now I don’t know where to find that bookmarked topic. What does a bookmark actually DO?

Go to your profile and click “Bookmarks” and you have everything there …

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Tatjana, techno angel bach.
That is so useful to know for those threads that disappear somewhere way below my screen.
Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Cheers J.P.


No problem. It’s just 2 clicks away so it can be very handy in deed, yes.


And you can access bookmarks from here too:

@Sionned bookmarks here are meant to do the same as bookmarks in the net browser for example - gather the topics of your interest in one place just that this time your place isn’t your browser of section of the forum itself but rather your profile in which all bookmarks are stored. You can bookmark or “unbookmark” (yah my invention probably again) the topics at your will.

Happy Bookmarking!