I would just like to say thank you to SSIW. It has changed my life in the space of just over two weeks. I have lived in Wales since 2009 and in the time since have built up a fairly large vocabulary of assorted words…but I could not speak a single useful sentence. SSIW has changed all that. I have amazed my Welsh speaking wife and in-laws especially because of the rapidity of my progress, and because of the natural way that mutations are acquired. I am now on lesson 6.1 of Course 1. The way that new skills are introduced and encouragement given at frequent intervals gives me such confidence. I find myself getting impatient to go onto each new lesson.


Dal ati! :slight_smile:

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Llongyfarchiadau Brian!

Why not do Level 1 at the same time? It helps you build longer sentences and introduces some short form verbs early, so you get a head start in sounding more natural too. What is more. the new listening exercises will help you enormously with your ability to comprehend 1st language speakers talking at full tilt and/or y teledu. Keep telling us how you are getting on, its really great to hear your successes and to help you with any difficulties.




Llongyfarchiadau a dal at i. Congratulations and keep at it.

I’ve been doing this and I LOVE what I get from both the Courses and the Levels. They are a perfect pair together, and when I make sentences around the house I come up with stuff like “Dw’ ddim i’n gwybod beth dw i’n moyn siarad eto.” Which is pretty much a perfect blend of vocab from both types of lessons. Super useful!


Fantastic - I LOVE hearing stories like this - huge congratulations, Brian, and diolch yn fawr iawn to you for taking the time to come on here and tell us :star: :star2: :thumbsup:

Yes I am doing both courses too and i’m finding the exact same as has been mentioned above. I also found on you tube several rugby documentaries such as when LLanellie, defeated the All Blacks in 1972, all the old players who played in that win speak about the experience of beating the All Blacks and what it meant to them. Also I came across when LLanellie be Australia too in rugby in 1992, all the commentary is in Welsh very good to hear and learn by listening and trying to pick out words. I hope that is good for the rugby enthusiasts.


I’m going through old Course 2 right now but when driving home by bus I have half an hour of time and am usually “playing” with Level 1 lessons which I actually have done once and found them totally impossible to cope with but now … I can say I do quite good for one who sits on bus and whos concentration usually isn’t at full attention + mind I have to mainly mimic the words or saying them in my head as a person sitting besides me would probably seak another sit (if available) hearing my strange (for their ears) speach. :slight_smile:

So it might be possibility to do both. But sticking to old material if you started with it might be useful., I know that some things are clearer to me now starting with Course 2 then they were when I after Course 1 started Level 1 though.

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Thanks for your advice Stu. I am now on lesson 15 of Course 1 and lesson 4 of level 1 (northern)…I only took up your advice after completing the first 10 lessons of course 1. Because the content and approach is so different, I don’t seem to get confused, and you are right that they seem to complement each other. I don’t think it has slowed my progress down, strangely. I manage to interweave them. My brain has really been melted though!


Well done! That sounds extremely promising… :sunny:

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