Diolch o wlad dramor : Llydaw / Thanks from Brittany. Books for children?

Prynhawn da !

I’m new here and i’d liked to thank you for your course which I find very usefull.
I speak breton everyday more than any language and started a few months ago to learn cymraeg… trough breton. But it’s not easy to do so because there is a lack of manuals (only Rhisiart Hincks’s “Allwedd i’r gymraeg”)
That’s why I’m trying with SSiW, and sometimes I have to think in breton or in english before answering according to the circumstances. My brain likes to work !

I think the spirit, the philosophy I can feel in here will be fruitfull.

Anyway I’m looking for books easy to read in cymraeg, books for children for example.
Do you know a shop online please ?

I’m sorry for the mistakes I do in english :confused:

Ho trugarekaat a ran a wir galon. Bevet SSiW !



Well I can’t help you much with your question but I will tell you that your English is phenomenal!

If it helps, I’ve started to read E-ffrindiau by Lois Arnold which I found on Amazon (here in the US). It’s meant for learners but is not a children’s book. I heard about it in this thread: 2016 Book review - Beginners.

I’m really hoping that Breton is added one day as a language on SSI. I’d like to learn it after I’ve got a good foothold in Welsh comme je parle aussi Français.

Pob Lwc!


Welcome, croeso, @Erwan
@cat-1 on the Forum has children and may be able to help you. There is a magazine for small children using mainly characters from S4C children’s programs. You can watch S4C on line if you do not have satellite TV. I am not sure how far into continental Europe UK TV gets! The magazine WCW is available by mail order. Try looking up GWales, LingoNewydd or just Wcw a i ffrindiau. @tatjana , help please, I can’t remember where I order WCW from and anyway I’m in UK. Erwan is in. Brittany!

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Degemer mat, Erwan!

One day we hope to make the course available through the medium of Breton - but it’s going to take a while… :slight_smile:

Their children’s section, hope it helps!

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What a warm welcome ! Diolch yn fawr !

Bobi : your message and your link will help me, I thank you. As you master several languages, you won’t have any problem to learn “brezhoneg” ! :slight_smile:

henddraig : ok I will check, thank you !

aran : diolch. Hope so too. Celtic languages and celtic cultures will survive thanks to our effort. your’s great ! :slight_smile:

richmountart : Perfect, diolch yn fawr hefyd !

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Croeso i’r fforwm, o fi hefyd Erwan.

But I’m curious (sorry). Do you mean that Breton is your first language? (or at least, that you have made it the language of your daily life?). If so, I’d think this is a first for the SSiW forum, or if not, a rare (and welcome!) event.

Yndy, iawn siwr!

It’s not my mother tongue but my children’s first language :wink:
I exclusively speak breton to/with them.


I am so happy to hear this! Back in the late 60s, early 70s, a friend and I were trying to find evidence of Breton still spoken and everyone from Brittany I met said words to the effect that his/her grandparents had spoken it! I am glad it survived after all!

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gwales.com or possibly gwales.wbc try those sites, specify children’s books! Sorry i haven’t found how to send links from my iPad, so you’ll have to type those possible addresses in to your browser!

diolch henddraig !:+1:

Here’s the post in the topic in which I’ve asked about childrens magazine and leads directly to Golwg360 WCW ordering site.

Oh, and welcome @Erwan from me too.

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