Different day for Oxford meetups?

On last Saturday’s Oxford ramble we were discussing a possible change of day for the regular Oxford monthly meetups. Tuesday nights are difficult for some, and choosing another weekday might give more people the opportunity to get along to the meetups. Another thought was perhaps having a 2nd monthly meetup on a Saturday or Sunday, roughly 2 weeks after the weekday meeting (we’d still have rambles as well, of course).
What do people think? Even if - and, indeed, especially if - you haven’t made it to one of the meetups yet, do let us know which day or days suit best. Hwyl, John


Tuesday evening (if it is the 1st Tuesday in the month), is the only evening I will now have difficulty.
(other Tuesdays would be ok).

Saturdays or Sundays are generally fine with me, as are most weekday evenings.

Happy to fall in with any arrangements that help as many people attend, or give more people the choice of attending.

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Helo pawb, I’ve finally set up a Doodle poll http://doodle.com/u6eg646uii68ychp
with the days of the week and morning, lunchtime, afternoon & evening timeslots to help us try and find the day or days which suit the most people.

All that’s needed is to click on the ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘(Yes)’(=perhaps) choices - just concentrate on the day of the week and timing, and ignore the dates (Doodle needs you to enter a specific set of dates, so I simply chose a week at random).

Also add a comment if you like about the frequency you can fit in, i.e. weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or to suggest specific times or places - it doesn’t have to be in the Jericho Cafe (most of my own choices are Yes or (Yes) but probably for most people there’ll be a much greater proportion of No’s than Yes/(Yes)'s). Cofion gorau, John