DETAILS IN HERE: Do you support a team other than Wales in the rugby?

Are you a ‘My team first, but Wales next’ fan of another country at the World Cup?

Would you enjoy being part of a fun video where you say a sentence about that in Welsh (don’t worry, we’ll help!)…?

If so, comment in here with the name of your main team… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

Let’s find out how many different teams we can get… :slight_smile:

@Deborah-SSi for Tuesday? :slight_smile:

I’m a life long England fan who watches the games against Wales with mixed emotions.

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Sorry, no. Despite my love of the Welsh language and culture, I’m an England fan first and an “anybody-playing-against-Wales” fan second :smiley:

They’re our closest rivals, after all. I don’t want them to do too well!

(nb: actually, it depends on the standings of the 6 Nations or World Cup tables / knockout situation. I’ll support whoever helps England’s cause!)

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we are clearly rivals - I genuinely love that - played a lot of rugby against teams from Gloucestershire etc in my youth and we are real adversaries and I think that’s how it should be - why should I pretend that I ever want England to win, when some of the best people I have ever met always want Wales to lose and will happily play footloose with the words to our anthem to boot.

Well isn’t this exactly what @aran is looking for? :thinking:

p s. I didn’t even know there was a World cup. Is Italy playing in it? :smiley:

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They are indeed! They are in the same group as New Zealand, South Africa, Namibia and Canada. They will probably struggle against New Zealand and South Africa, but they should beat Namibia and Canada.

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I’m glad to see New Zealand and Australia aren’t in the same group, after their recent match!

And I’m a Wales and New Zealand equally supporter :slight_smile:

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Wales first because my country just once got into qualifications for the WRC and lost in the 2nd round of them … So, as much as I dream on, my country might never be in the RWC. :frowning: (and so I’ve lost my qualifying match in pre-RWC round here also :slight_smile: :frowning: )

But if there would be my country in RWC I’d probably hold both flags - Welsh and Slovenian - one in one and one in the other hand and wave with them singing both anthems equally enthusiastically.

Apart from that (sorry for that) I cheer for anyone who plays against South Africa …

I support Wales in any sport and don’t really have a second choice but I always admire France when they play well. I am one of the small band of Wales Rugby League supporters who travel home and away to watch the team. I’ve be been to Scotland, France (3 times), Bray near Dublin and Monza to watch them but my biggest trip was to the Rugby League World Cup 2017, held in Australia - I watched Wales in Townsville and Perth. However the first game was in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea; I was the only independent travelling supporter and had a massive welcome from the people of PNG.

I am the team manager for Wales Rugby League Wheelchair Team. On 28th and 29th September we are hosting the Wheelchair Rugby League 4 Nations tournament at Plas Madoc Leisure Centre, Wrexham. I will post more details later as we hope the games will be streamed on the internet. Or you can come along and support us!


Sorry, the closest I get to rugby is noticing sometimes that It’s replaced ‘Pobol Y Cwm’ :flushed:

Dwi’n cefnogi yr All Blacks’. ‘Tim Cymru’ bydd yr ail yn cael fy nghefogi.

Sian Davis
Seland Newydd


Right folks - we’ve got a ‘what to do’ video ready for you now:

When you’ve got your two takes ready, just email them to

As far as what you say goes… we recommend something like ‘Dwi’n cefnogi [your country], ond dwi’n cefnogi Cymru hefyd - c’mon Cymru!’… but if you’d like more suggestions, or to check if an idea of yours works out, just ask… :slight_smile:

@dee - for Tuesday? :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

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I support Wales in all sports. the end

“Dw i’n cefnogi Lloegr a dw i ddim yn cefnogi Cymru achos Sais dw i! C’mon England!”


So, any chance we could get a video from (yup, I’m looking at YOU, stop staring down at your shoes and hoping I ask someone else :wink: ) - @atomic_newt @Deborah-SSi @debw12 @louis @Lea @gabycortinas @AnthonyCusack @gisella-albertini @Novem @Baruch @margaretwerdermann @seren @chris :slight_smile:

Well, sorry, but…I don’t really support the Italian team.
And I’m not a good actress. It would be totally obvious that I don’t care! :rofl:
(oh, and I have no flags of sorts and no idea of where to find a jersey of the team!)

p.s. Consider that as I child I (mildly) supported England in football instead of Italy, just because I liked the Beatles a lot. So much for my patriotic sentiment! :grimacing:

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What’s rugby? :thinking: :wink:


I didn’t even know there was a Rugby World Cup, and that Italy would be playing in it until I saw this thread, so…pretty close! :wink:


Grrrrr… :wink: :joy:

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