Cymru - I'm coming! (and a bit of help please)

Many of you could already read in some topics that I’m comming to Cymru at the end of July to be at the July bootcamp in Tresaith. The plans are slowly shapening up and of course there will be the time of visiting Eisteddfod too. This is just not to be missed since I am there at the time such big event as Eisteddfod is takes place.

I know prety much where I will be and how I’ll travel but there are some bits I still have to go with and sort them out but I am not quite sure if I still have any time for that (I mean if I’m not too late already.

After bootcamp I plan to be 5 days in Cardiff and drive to Eisteddfod at least for two days - Monday and Wednesday. However I’d like to have some advise about what tickets to buy. I’ve read a lot about Eisteddfod but to be honest I just don’t have any imagination how this all works and looks like … Yah, I’m awkward, sorry and at such occassions a bit shy (paid chwerthin, plis :slight_smile: )

In Cardiff I’ll be staying near Sophia Gardens so that I’ll have bus station at hand hence returning to London and back home and I was told that famous Mochyn du is there somewhere around … So if someone would like to meet me I’d probably be strolling there around somewhere on Tuesady and eventually on Sunday too however it all can be altered and adapted to possibilities. If you’d like to avoid me, just pass by as if nothing happened. - haha. You probably wouldn’t be noticed since my face recognition is real failure. :slight_smile:

Me being clumsy at times, every advise would be appriciated.

And now to the excitment bit:



Mae hynn’n newyddion cyffrous iawn Tatjana! That is such a wonderful opportunity (or actually set of opportunities), and I’m sure you are going to have an amazing time. Your Welsh is practically going to explode after this I’m sure! Safe travels and hwyl fawr!


Thank you. Those are what’s worries me the most. I never travelled that far and surely never alone so this will apart from all Cymraeg related challenges, be the biggest challenge of my life though.

@tatjana fach, remind everyone that when you say ‘drive’ you do not mean that you are getting behind the wheel of a car! Oh, unless your cariad is coming too and doing the driving?
@faithless78 may help you on bus travel. You can get to Abergavenny easily by train. I’d expect special buses from station to Maes, but in your place, I’d try to find a friend to travel with.
p.s. Hint: Abergavenny, unless it has changed greatly, is about the least Welsh speaking place in the country!

Thank you @henddraig. [quote=“henddraig, post:4, topic:5400”]

but in your place, I’d try to find a friend to travel with.

A bit late and a bit hard for me. I actually posted quite some things elswhere on this forum and if there wuld anyone be in position to help, they presumably would. So I just need to do all organizing work on my own. And, mind, I don’t have any “real life” friends elswhere in UK except @margaretnock and she provided me huge amount of help already for what I’m eternally grateful in deed

All I wanted to know right now is if printet tickets are OK or I have to go and fetch them from somewhere phisically or they’re send by post, so that I know if it’s of any use to buy and pay online at all. if send by post it’s all too late even if I pay for them online.

As I said I thought of asking you all more experienced with these things then me…

If they need a physical address to send them to get them to send them to me. I’ll PM you my address.

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Oh. Thank you @margaretnock in deed. I appreciate this very much.

Shwmae Tatjana!
Let me know what dates you’re in Cardiff and I will try and meet with you while you’re here.

Sophia Gardens is quite literally where Y Mochyn Du is, so you’ll be walking distance!

Also, the city centre is only 5-10 minutes walk away from Sophia Gardens too, so you could even visit Yr Hen Lyfrgell for a coffee and a bite to eat if you like.

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Shwmae Gavin

I’m in Cardiff from 30th July (when I’ll eventually arrive in the city at the afternoon/evening) and to 4th August when I am leaving Cardiff in the morning to be en rute home. Monday and Wednesday I plan to go to Eisteddfod while all the rest is still shapping up what to do.

Of course it’d be lovely to meet with you.

I counsciously picked the area of Sohpia Gardens for living when I’m in Cardiff so that everythin would be more or less on the reach.

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@tatjana meet @faithless78, @faithless78, meet @tatjana. You are both very nice people, very supportive on the forum, both passionate about the language of heaven, and both going to a great deal of trouble to learn it. I hope you do get to meet up during the Eisteddfod week.


I hope so too, @margaretnock.

Just gatherring my courage to call Menter Caerdydd… Phieeeewwww … :slight_smile:

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I am so sorry I am so useless to you! As far as Eisteddfod tickets are concerned, @hewrop can probably advise. I think you need Pavilion tickets as well as Maes tickets, if you want to go in the Pavilion, but I’m not an expert. Oh, also for the Literary Pavilion.
I know there is a good railway line from Cardiff to Abergavenny, but last time I was on it, it was still British Rail and printing one’s own tickets by computer was an impossible dream!!
By the way, if there is anyone on this forum who has not had reason to thank you for all your unfailing efforts to help and your patience, I would be very surprised! Every one of us would like to see you and help you! The more you accept help, the more people you will please!! You know a very large number of people - the fact that we haven’t met physically doesn’t alter that!!! :smile: :sunny:
p.s. to anyone with perfect sight: I have had some interesting experiences at swimming pools. Not wearing my glasses meant I could not recognise my friends unless I was 6 inches (15 cm) away. On one occasion, I was trying to spot my boyfriend who had a very hairy chest. I swam up to at least five total strangers, peered closely at them, said, “Sorry!” and fled! Tatjana needs you to come to her!


Did it … with some additional correction (called twice) and with some resort to Saesneg just to determine both of us - me and kind lady on the other side of the line. Eh, but I still forgot to ask one more thing though. Does someone know if the ticket is valid for both directions or I’d have to purchase one for return aswell.

If no one knows I’ll call back tomorrow or just write a mail but today I’d feel a bit stupid calling back for the third time though. :slight_smile:

Ja, ja, awkward me … :smile:

I can not do anything but agree with that. Thank you @henddraig.

Oh, and thank you for all your kind words. Well, I help people because I want to. They don’t need to thank me. :slight_smile:


If you buy a Return ticket, it is valid for both directions. If you by a single ticket it is one way. That is a quirk of the English language. Usually it is cheaper to buy return tickets, but some are only for travel out of peak times. These are called ‘off peak’ or ‘cheap day’ or ‘cheap weekend’. You need to be sure your ticket covers the time and day you want to travel! (You can end up having to pay a full price fare to a ticket collector if your ticket isn’t the right one!).
edit: there seems to be a stray quote about a pub at the top of this. I don’t know how it got there!![quote=“tatjana, post:13, topic:5400”]
Well, I help people because I want to. They don’t need to thank me.

We know that! That’s why we want to help!! Because we want to!! Not for thanks!!

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No, I’ve booked a bus ticket with Menter Caerdydd but forgot to ask this particular question. If one already went to such events with them, I’d be glad to get an answer from them not needing to call Menter once again … (at least not today).

I am so excited for you to be coming to Wales! We could possibly meet, as I am planning on coming to the Eisteddfod for one or two days (I live an hours drive away from Abergavenny), though I haven’t decided which days yet. Any Eisteddfod veterans could help us both. My understanding is that you can buy a day ticket that gives you access to everything (except Maes B?) with the exception of access to the Pavilion for the evening concerts. I think you can buy tickets for these evening concerts or Maes B separately.
I know Abergavenny well, there is very little Welsh spoken there though i suspect this will change markedly for Eisteddfod week. The quickest route from Cardiff to Abergavenny is the train, but the bus from Cardiff is I think a prettier route? Abergavenny’s railway station is at the opposite end of town from the site, the station is not in the town centre, but there are probably shuttle buses and it would be a fairly long walk.
I have a question, I’m being recommended to use Car Park 1 and the shuttle bus to the site, does this run late enough to get back to the car after evening concerts? (I have suffered long long walks out of town with park and ride schemes in the past).
In Cardiff, right in the middle is the ‘Hen Llyfyrgell’, which has a cafe and it has become the meeting point for Welsh speakers in the city during the day. There is so much to see in Cardiff!
Hope to meet you in Abergavenny!

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Damn! Mae ddrwg gen i, fach! I have rarely travelled by bus/coach, but I would expect you to need to have specified Return or Single. If you said, “I want to go from zzz to mmm on Day date year” She may have just presumed single - one way! If you mentioned when you were going back, I would expect her to ask if you wanted a return ticket.

If you have a bus ticket with Menter Caerdydd it will be for both directions. I have ordered places on the Wednesday and the Friday bus also. I haven’t done it before, so I’m not really sure how it works either. But I haven’t received anything in the post from them yet…

I will try to make myself known to you on the bus on the Wednesday (although I’m sure by then you will have many Menter Caerdydd friends…)


All I wanted to know right now is if printet tickets are OK or I have to
go and fetch them from somewhere phisically or they’re send by post, so
that I know if it’s of any use to buy and pay online at all. if send by
post it’s all too late even if I pay for them online.

My guess is that you’ll just have to buy your ticket(s) on arrival at the Maes.
The information on the website is unfortunately full of gaps and ambiguities but here is my understanding.

  1. A Tocyn Maes currently costs £20 per day and gives you access to the Maes and the pavilion BUT with no reserved seats.
  2. My own ticket was delivered by post and I could find no possibility of printing my ticket at home.
  3. I assume that you should be able to buy all your day tickets on the first day you come, so that you will not have to queue on each subsequent day.

Other people have addressed your transport issue. In general, if you ask for a return ticket and specify when you will be returning, you should be given the right ticket at the right price.

Tan toc :slight_smile:

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Thank you all but @sarapeacock “nailed it”. That’s what I wanted to know and so … we surely will meet at the bus on Wednesday.

This all is shaping as very interesting a week and a half in Cymru. Just a week and a half untill departure now … :slight_smile:

But yes, now here’s the next action to be taken - Eisteddfod tickets. :slight_smile:

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