Course guide for Level 1 Southern

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Bore da, @faithless78!

This is invaluable, could I also have a link to your guide please?

Diolch yn fawr.

Hello @faithless78

I would also much appreciate a link to your guide to Level 1 Southern - please.

Thanks a lot for that @faithless78 Now I can go forward.

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New Challenge 16.

Is this what I am hearing?
“Yes, I enjoyed that film because it’s interesting”.

Do, joies i’r ffilm na, achos mae’n ddiddorol.

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Yep, That’s the one!

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Please may I have a guide to Level 1 Southern? Thank you so much

Gav, sorry, I see I haven’t linked to your southern version on the landing page for Level 1 - if you could email it to me (again, I’m sure!) I’ll get it up there pronto… diolch! :sunny:

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Can I also have the guide to new level one southern please?
I think I may have had it once but following some computer problems, I cant seem to find anything!
Many thanks :blush:

@aran , I have sent you an email with the link to the guide.

Everyone else (especially those who I gave the link to previously), I had a bit of a tidy up in my Dropbox account a while ago, and without realising that this practice would render the link to the file useless, this is exactly what had happened!
I have sourced the new link and forwarded it to Aran so that the guide can be made available to everyone from the SSi website.

Challenges 24 and 25 still need to be included mind, and will be once they become available. Although realistically, I could get them from the northern course and include the “Southernisms” myself, I do want the vocabulary made available to everyone to be as accurate as possible.

I apologise to those who tried to use the link recently, only to find it no longer worked, and hope the new freely available link will be of great use to everyone!

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All those who got the link previously from @faithless78 via PM and saved it to your dropbox, it works perfectly fine as you practically saved a copy of guide and not link itself.

And, hmmm … I’m so much occupied with going through old Course 2 that I didn’t even notice that Challenges 24 and 25 in Southern Level 1 are not available yet … To the time being I’ll probably come across Level 1 newly again and the guide would be completed too. :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr iawn am popeth ti’n gneud @faithless78. Seren! :star:


Hi, I have just started Level 1 too as I have been doing Course 1 , which has been great in as much as I am able to still follow level 1 content. I feel that there is more content on level one, and the challenges are a bit more challenging which is good. I will still continue with course 1 but glad that I started Level 1 , and the listening practices are awesome. I anyone out there has some further advice it would be much appreciated thanks.

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Personally, I’d recommend doing either Level 1 or Course 1, rather than both at the same time - but if it works for you, that’s fine too :sunny: Are you doing the northern or southern sessions?

Boreda, hi it is morning here in Australia yes ok I like level one there seems to be more content covered and it is full on which is good ,I’m enjoying it How important is too that I learn to read the language as it appears to be a difficult language to read? Dioch

S’mae Peter?

At this stage,myou should actively avoid trying to read - just concentrate on speaking and listening, and you will reap the benefits later. You can start to think about reading somewhere between levels 2 and 3 if you want to, but even then, mastering speaking and listening is IMHO your primary focus. Of course, this advice may not be want you want out of your learning Welsh experience, digon teg, but I firmly believe this is the best way to get started.



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Dioch, thanks for that this method of say something in whatever, the language is exactly how I prefer to learn languages. It is how I learnt to speak my language Maori just by listening,and speaking. Awesome thanks again.

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I’m sure you will continue to find SSIW a marvellous tool for learning Welsh, as you obviously have so far!

Welsh is actually a very phonetic language, though the letters can be differently used to English- as letters are differently used in every language which uses the Latin alphabet.

It has many dialects too- as most languages do!

Certainly speaking Welsh should be your priority, rather than reading and writing Welsh, but I wouldn’t say “actively avoiding” reading Welsh would be a good idea.

It would be impossible to do that if you lived in Wales, and I can’t say that is a disadvantage from what I have seen!

The emphasis in SSiW is on speaking Welsh rather than reading Welsh.

That’s a good emphasis.

There is an awful lot of written learning material you can access from the earliest stages if you feel so inclined. Online, bought as books (Mr Gareth King amongst the best for learners in my opinion, but a lot of other writers out there). Courses with a good teacher (unfortunately not an automatic thing! But a course with a good teacher is a good thing, and they normally (always!) involve writing along with speaking [with the emphasis on speaking if the teacher is good, as I was lucky enough to have in such courses!])
But maybe not many of those in New Zealand :wink:

Well written and taught stuff like that can be a very effective compliment to SSIW- as SSIW is a marvellous compliment to them.


Dor, I has been fantastic and your comments are much appreciated I have wanted to learn Welsh for a long time. I have been in Wales on three occasions however, that was a fair while now one such occasion was a rugby tour, where we got around the country a fair bit. My goal is to be able to speak the language, and maybe return again one day maybe when the All blacks tour again and Wales will be the force it once was , which I do not think is far off.


Hope you’re right! But I’ve been hoping that since Graham Henry…:wink:

Has the Level 1 Southern guide been posted yet? I might be looking in the wrong spot.