Conditional tenses

Can anyone help me sort out a problem with conditional tenses please?
In course two “Byddwn I”, byddet ti" were taught, meaning “I would/ you would”
However I have come across “Baswn i/ baset ti” in the Bethan Gwenas books, which also appear to mean the same thing.
I’m totally bemused now.

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“Baswn i/baset ti” is in SSiW lessons (to be honest I don’t remember neither in which course nor in which of lessons) presented more as “if/if” thingy. Like “if you do this I’ll do that” structure and I didn’t encounter it being presented as “I would, you would” thing unless in direct “if/if” relationship.

But, of course, I’m far from being expert and it might be I’ve missed something somewhere though.

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S’mae Bryan?

You are correct, they are different ways of saying the same thing; such things happen in Welsh just like they do in English.




And I believe that it is to some extent a regional thing.

Thanks all, it is as I thought, but I felt it best to ask the open question. You’re right @tatjana, in that Course 2 lesson 10 covers taswn i/taset ti as in “Taswn i darllen y llyfr 'ma mi faswn i ddysgu sut i nofio” but it didn’t expand to cover wider usage.
I think I’ll stick with what the course covers