Computer problem SSIW and Windows 10

I have been using SSIW on my phone for sometime.
I now have a laptop with Windows 10, so downloaded the app. Something very strange happened though.
I clicked get it from app store (I understand Windows 10 is all app based)
The app only shows the old courses! No sign of new levels at all. Then I noticed a name on the app. Logged in as “theblacksparrow”
I assume this is an old app?
Strange as the same browser allowed be to download “levels” and on the downloading main pages it says at the bottom, “get it from the play store”
I clicked on this but didn’t try to download it because it’s old courses and logged into the blacksparrow.
Any thoughts anyone please?

Strange app issue

I may well have missed an annoucement of an SSIW Windows 10 app, but the mention of my old forum login name (theblacksparrow) leads me to believe you’ve somehow got hold of an old version of an Android app.

How did you go about installing this “app”?
Via the Windows store?
Visiting the Google play store and downloading from there?

Windows 10 query

Sort of. Maybe.

Something known as Windows 10 S is all app based (

Essentially you can only install apps from the Microsoft store if this is the version of Windows you are running.

Other versions of Windows work in much the same way as Windows 7, Vista, XP etc

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I’ve been running Windows 10 on my computer since it came out. I don’t run any apps at all and my screen and software look just like old fashioned Windows. I run all the programs I’ve always used. You can adjust the settings so you computer boots automatically into the desktop mode and you never need to see the horrible app screen again.

So… No need to use an app if you’re doing the SSiW challenges on your computer, just go to the website and listen to them on there. It gives you access to the vocabulary lists too.

Edited to add: If you have got the new Windows 10 S that James mentioned, then you can still access the SSiW challenges via the web browser.

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Thank you for the quick replies.
James, yes I am sure it’s an old version. So you were the black sparrow! That is what’s strange really. I was downloading the new challenges just using chrome and at the bottom of the page it said get app from google play, which is when I realised it was an old app. I would expect it to be the new app as it was on SSIW main download page.

I will have to see what version I have and check Microsoft’s apps page.
I am unsure which version of windows 10 I have but its updated to the latest version. However Margaret’s suggestion sounds great! I didn’t realise I could ditch the apps and just use my browser on-line. Wonderful! I hate the apps page. I was trying to put all of them in one folder to tidy them up. That didn’t work though.
So, Margaret, how did you get rid of your unwanted apps please?

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The program from the browser is much better I think. Apps have to be more limited, I prsume because,of the limitations of the platforms.

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There is no app for Windows 10. What you did was visit the web page for the app in the Google Play store (this one: and the images you saw were the screen shots I created for the app several years ago, before the new courses came out.


That’s interesting thank you

Oh, I see, I was quite competent with Windows XP. Then just used my android for quite a while. That was fine but limited. I am now trying to get used to another system. It all looks very different.

Thank you for your explanation. I think I understand now. :slight_smile:

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