Coginio yn Cymraeg/ Cooking in Welsh

Pam llai tria coginio yn Cymraeg./ Why not try cooking in Welsh?

Dw i eisiau rhannu rysait yn Cymraeg i wneud cacen blasu/ I want to share recipes in Welsh to make tasty cakes.

Dych chi eisiau rhannu eich rysait yma eto?/ Do you want to share your recipes here?

Bara Brith

Rhowch deuddeg owns (350 gram) o ffrwythau sych mewn bowlen efo tebot o de (~350ml) gryf boeth dros nos.

Y dirwnod nesaf, ychwanegu cynhwysion eraill o dan ac wedyn cymysg am sbel:

Wyth owns (250 gram?) o blawd
Hanner llwy de o soda pobi
Hanner llwy de o hufen tartar
[neu defnyddio blawd codi ei hunain]

Llwy de o sbeis cymysg
Tair owns (90 gram?) o siwgr dywyll
Un wy

Rhowch mewn tun torth ac wedyn mewn yr popti ar nwy pedwar (350F, 180C) am un awr.

Mwynhewch efo menyn!
Mae’n gwella ar ol un diwrnod neu dwy!

[Wnes i dyfalu y maint fetrig, ond dyla fo yn iawn i defnyddio, gobeithio!]


Mae’n syniad ardderchog. - It is a great idea

Bara Brith (speckled bread) There are two types - without yeast it is a rich fruit cake, with yeast it is bread.

I didn’t know that. I’ll have to try it with yeast next time. Does it make it much lighter, I tend to like things fairly heavy and my Bara Brith is quite light anyway

Cooking, you say? Here’s a Dyl Mei classic.

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One could argue that that would be even better with Beef and Tomato flavour… :ramen:

I didn’t know that either. I love the rich fruit cake variety, and could eat it all day, but have to avoid anything like that.

One could argue, if one was unconcerned with being irredeemably wrong. :wink:


I think we possibly have to accept irredeemably wrong as a permanent state, given we have just witnessed a pot noodle in a sandwich.
Anyone who can say that in Welsh gets 10p off me.


Oh my. Truly astonishing. I think I have to agree with @cat-1 - irredeemably wrong :joy:

I have yet to try making bara brith, which is the only way I’ll be able to try it here. I have had great success making Welsh cakes. But I can’t do that very often or I’ll get fat :slight_smile:


efo tebot o de

I soak my fruit in Earl Grey tea - it gives a lovely aroma/flavour to the loaf. :smile:


Talking of cooking and Welsh -
Two of my friends (Rob and Sian) will be the Welsh contingent on the new cooking programme this evening I think More 4 channel? around 16:30. I can’t promise that they will be allowed to speak Welsh, but they won’t be far off it speaking English :slight_smile: