Coffee With a Googler - Translate and Welsh!

Love it. Some Google dev reckons his favourite small language is Welsh and there’s a really nice bit of discussion of it.

The discussion of Welsh is from about 2:15 in!


That’s cool…:sunny: And I rather love that the interviewer was ready with a bit of impromptu Welsh as well… :thumbsup:

This has been posted before, but for anyone who missed it, these good people have been helping the Google translate team with Welsh:

And all of us can help too…

It’s actually quite fun (and a spot of reading.writing practise!)

The interviewer, Laurence, is an Irish guy, and remembered his quick ‘Croeso’ response because he’d been watching Gavin and Stacey recently… :sunny:

No matter what I do (correct) for Slovene it’s worse and worse so I gave up. Thankfully at least Cymraeg is in better shape.