Coding in Welsh

I discovered Scratch today. It’s an app to teach children (big an small) the basic elements of coding. It’s produced by MIT and is available in Cymraeg [it defaulted to Cymraeg for me as I have Cymraeg set as my 1st language preference :grinning:] You get to play with coding the movements of various characters around a screen. It’s lots of fun:


On a related note, some PhD students at Cardiff University recently created a series of Python tutorials yn Gymraeg. Aimed at students and researchers, but available to all.


Coding…? lol…I have enough problems with predictive text and Welsh!! :smiley:

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Diolch. This is one thing that I can use.

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Sounds like a lot of fun.

I can program in Python, although I mostly program in Java and R. Looks like a way to learn programming terms yn Gymraeg.


This is awesome. I’ve always wanted to see if my matlab skills would transfer to Python so will give it a go yn Gymraeg! Diolch


I work as a software developer and whichever lucky person gets to maintain a Swiss billing routine I recently wrote will have the delight of all my comments being in Welsh… just trying to spread the word!


What is this gibberish? Looks like Malware. Quick run it through a hex decoder. Better delete it and start anew. What’s that developer’s name who wrote this? :rofl:

This part, at least, will be easy for them to find out as the version control software has a “blame” function that highlights who made which changes!

That and I’m the only developer who’s learning Welsh…

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I’ve been told off for that. We’ve got people whose first languages range from Hindi, through Russian to Flemish Dutch. Everyone, however, has basic English, so this is the lowest common denominator that must be used by policy.

I understand that, but the code itself is the documentation if it’s written well; any commentary is an aide mémoire to the original author, really.

If I’m honest, the comments were put in for both practice and novelty value. No one reviewing the code would need to rely on them as the code is self-documenting. In fact, it’s only a list of values being assigned to variables, so it’s not something I’d normally even comment. I tend only to comment where code is suitably complex that it saves someone time to have its behaviour summarised.

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Oh for something so challenging [stares wistfully into the distance]. :wink:

I’m currently working on code to calculate values for HMRC’s new “Making Tax Digital” submission. Just because something is challenging does not make it fun…

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