CLOSING TODAY: Luxury northern Bootcamp - April 15th, 2016

It’s ‘Aran getting organised early’ time… :sunny:

And this year, we have a (Monte Carlo inspired) solution to the usual ‘sold out in 20 minutes’ problem for the northern Bootcamp.

Instead of trying to juggle with timings and fairness and who has internet access on what day and all that, we’re going to simplify it massively.

Bookings will be open from… NOW! (yes!)… until the end of October (which gives us time to send the news out in 3 weekly emails).

Bootcamp will start on Friday 15th of April, and last one week.

There are 12 places.

To book, you just email me - - with what you think is a fair price for the week (the minimum is £300).

The 12 places will go to the 12 highest bids - and to help keep admin and juggling down, we’ll be asking you to pay in full on the 1st of November (making it a particularly scary Halloween this year…;-)). As always, if we cancel (if my head falls off, or something like that), you’ll get a full refund - if you cancel, you won’t, so if you think there’s any possibility you might need to cancel, please take out standard holiday insurance.

@Deborah-SSi - please give this some headline love in the next 3 weekly emails :sunny:

Well ****.

Edit: Yes, I was bad. But that was the first reaction. :scream:

Problem with the date? I’d be grateful if you could censor the language, though, family-friendly forum :sunny:

If you’re worried about the price, don’t be - just decide what you would feel happy with, and bid that - there are people coming to Monte Carlo who didn’t bid all that much, so you’ll have a fighting chance.

And if it doesn’t come through, you’ll know that you might just as easily have missed a place because an email didn’t arrive in time, doing it the old way…

The date shouldn’t be bad and I really, really want to come. I’ll have to think about this.

Seriously, just go with what you feel happy with. We’ve got a lot of places. And if by any chance a few multiple-repeat Bootcampers don’t get on the 12, I’m sure we could help you work out a shared house together… :sunny:

Hmmm, I fly to Florida on April 15th till May 6th 2016…:frowning:

Sorry about that, chief. Although I’m not sure how much pity I can drum up for you being on holiday in Florida…:wink:


Just a heads up - if you’re thinking of bidding - if we happen to have two bids for the same figure, we’ll consider the first bid placed to have priority - so if you have a clear idea of what seems reasonable for you, it would be a good idea to send it in now rather than waiting for the deadline.

I understand (from 3 different directions) that some of you are worried that this won’t be affordable for you - but we certainly don’t have 12 multi-millionaires lining up to come. As it happens, Iestyn (who is in charge of the finances, and who has to put up with us spending about 4x as much on accommodation for this Bootcamp as we do in Tresaith) originally wanted me to switch to £350 last year, but I dragged my feet and bargained for £300 instead.

I would imagine (with a fair degree of confidence) that a bid in the region of £350 or up to £400 will be enough to book a place for 2016. If by any chance it doesn’t, I’ll try to work something else out for you.

For me the biggest concern is actually the cats. The older they get, the more I stress if I’m away more than a day. None of them is getting any younger, or healthier.

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Sure, understand that entirely. This may not be the right time for you. I remember that it was difficult as well last year.

But it won’t get any easier! :scream_cat:

I know. It’s tough, and no easy way around it. The price we pay for having animals in our lives. I wish I had a magic wand for you - but I think sending a ship over to bring them with you would probably not work all that well either…

Sorry if I missed it but has this been put on the Facebook page?

Er, dunno, good point - it’s been out on the email list, which I tend to feel is our ‘real’ learners (although I know it’s a bit of a short-hand). There’s been discussion on the FB page, but not, I think, an actual post - good call :sunny:

If you want payment on 1st November, Hallowe’en is gone! It’s All Saints Day so clearly those going on the Boot camp will be very special indeed…!


Heh. I hope so, and I hope I’m amongst them. Have to see what the end of the month brings.

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I always imagined those going to bootcamp are very special people …


Ah, I soooo want to go. Just need to win the lottery and then work out if I can hide my 3yr old in a suitcase… :slight_smile:


Winning a lotery i already have a full plan what to do and it holds a lot of SSi in it and … there are practically no stuff many other people wish to do when you ask them what they’d do if winning a lotery …

But bootcamp … no, I’m not that special yet (If I’ll ever be … )

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