Cheltenham (centre) learners’ group - fortnightly meetups

The next meeting of the Cheltenham (Centre*) group is on Tuesday 8 February at 1230 pm at Sandford Park Ale House, 20 High Street. All levels of ability welcome. Subsequent meetings will be at two-weekly intervals. We’re usually to be found in the room to the right of the entrance to the pub. (*Centre only to eliminate possible confusion with Nic’s Shurdington meetings).

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That should have been Tuesday 7th. Apologies for the error.

Next meeting of the Cheltenham (centre) group is on Tuesday 28th February (right date this time!:kissing_closed_eyes:) at 1230 in Sandford Park Alehouse, and fortnightly thereafter. All welcome.

14th March is the date for the next meeting of the Cheltenham (Centre) group - 1230 at Sandford Park Alehouse as usual.

The meeting today (14 March) has been cancelled, in view of the expected disruption to traffic caused by the race meeting starting today. Next meeting will be on 28 March.

Tuesday 28 March is the date of the next Cheltenham group meeting at Sandford Park Alehouse, from 1230 pm. All welcome.

The April meetings at Sandford Park Alehouse, Cheltenham are on 11 and 25 Apri, starting at 1230. All welcome.

As the Sandford Park Alehouse does not, at the moment, serve food on Tuesday lunchtimes, future meetings of the Cheltenham (Centre) group are going to be at the Strand pub (40-42 High Street) instead. Next meeting is at 1230 on 25 April.

Are there any meetings planned between now and 22 May? Many thanks! Sian

Hi, Sian. We meet every two weeks, and the next meeting is scheduled for 23rd May, unfortunately. Might we see you on another day?


Hi Steve, I’m afraid I will miss this one, but many thanks for letting me know. I should be on for July if you’re meeting then. Sian

We meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, so that should be 4th and 25th July, by my calculations. I’ll send you confirmation near the time. Hope to see you then.

That should have been 11th and 25th (my usual trouble with dates!). Apologies.

There’s a change of venue for the next meeting (June13th, 1230 pm) of the Cheltenham (Centre) group: we’ll be in Whittle Taps, Regent Street Gl50 1HE. Nearest parking is in the Regent Arcade car park.

We’ve had to postpone this meeting (13 June). I’ll post the date of the next one once it is confirmed

We’re meeting in Whittle Taps, Regent Street, Cheltenham, tomorrow 27 June, from 12pm. All welcome.

Hi Steve, just found out about this group - do you know when & where the next meet-up is happening?

Hi, Julia. We aim to meet fortnightly, so the next meeting is on 11 July, at 1230 in Copa on Regent Street Cheltenham. The one after that will be on the 25th. Hope to see you there!

Ah, thanks Steve, unfortunately I start work at 13.00 that day! If I’m around I’ll definitely come on the 25th. Fabulous to hear about the group, I’ll definitely be joining you at some point!

That’s good to hear. See you soon, I hope.