Charging for lessons

Hi, I’m a bit disappointed that you are now charging for the lessons, when they used to be free. What is the reason for this ?
I’m asking as there are plenty of people especially those that live in Wales not able to afford to pay. Regards
Jacqueline Davies

There’s an explanation here - The (almost) end of 'free' SSiW

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I’m still confused though…I can’t remember what I signed up for initially as it was never very clear. I pay £10 a month and most likely won’t finish level 3 until later this year, probably taking up to 18 months to finish. I’m not complaining about the cost as such because even if it took two years that’s still good value. What I don’t understand though, is that someone who rushed through the three levels in, say 9 months, for argument’s sake, would only pay £90. Because I prefer to go slowly at a lesson a week rate, I’m paying way more. Surely each level should just be a set amount of money, no matter how long it takes to do? It doesn’t seem a very fair system, as those of us who take longer are not getting anything extra, whilst SSiW are benefitting from the extra time we take. Why doesn’t each Level just cost a set amount? Or am I just confused?

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The £10 a month is basically a fee for access to the website, rather than for any particular course. Some people just pay the subscription then work through different online material on their own, dabbling in different lessons or courses as it suits them, so we don’t always know what people are using. That makes it hard to say that the fee is for a specific thing.

But in general people consider the £10 a month to be very good value, and we have many subscribers who have been with us for years! They are well past the end of the material we provide and often fluent speakers by now, but they continue paying to support the development of the course as long as they are able.

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Yes, the way it’s structured now is less like paying for a course of night classes, and more like subscribing to Netflix or paying your tv licence.

You pay X amount per period of time for access to the content, and how much or how little you use it in that time is up to you.

You pay the government/BBC £160 a year for access to tv broadcasts. If you watch half an hour a week and someone else watches all day every day, you’re not being ripped off - you’re paying a flat rate for a service and using it less than someone else does. You might decide it’s not worth the price for how much you use it, and that’s fine, but everyone who pays gets access to the same amount of stuff for that period of time.


Very well explained @alan-charlesworth! That’s exactly it :slight_smile:

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