Changing username

Can I change my username? I was known under a different name on the old forums and want to use the same one here. However, when I signed up for this one it allocated me this username. I don’t like using my real name on forums.

I think @aran did mine for me. As he’s at the Eisteddfod and moving house, it may take time!!

Let me know what you’d like it changed to, and then be ready for it to ask you to log in as that once I get a chance to change it… :slight_smile:

Diolch Aran. Please can you change it to ElenTylwythTeg (if you can have that many characters)

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You will have to change your assigned green blobby thing into a pretty fairy picture!!

Avatar changed :slight_smile:

I have always used a name with ‘Fae’ in it online, and so I thought I’d go with the Welsh version here.

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It is an absolutely lovely fairy picture!!! This draig would be scared to breathe near her in case she singed! :smile:

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Diolch :slight_smile:

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Hi @aran. I too realised a while ago that it would have been preferable to have set up my profile using something other than my name, but have only decided to act upon it having seen this thread. Can you help me change mine too please?

Sorry @Aran, I should also have said that I updated my photo in my profile but it hasn’t changed when I post. Help with that too OGYD

It might be photo is too big in "kb"s so pay attention to tinny message at the bottom of the page when changing photo fails. Normally if photo is changed it updates in the forum/profila just some seconds after changing (not more then minute I think).

For the other thing - I’m not @aran of course and this for can’t speak for him, but he said in one thread this:

so maybe would be good to go with that although some names were changed in the mean time (mine too from really impossible “tatjanaprelogknightg” (or something like that) to much shorter real name).

Once again, I don’t want to lecture here, just want to put to view what Aran has said, that’s all.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

Iawn. If normal names are favoured, I’m happy to stay as I am, although, clearly, there are far fewer of these on the forum than forum names.
Regarding my profile photo, which tiny writing are you referring to @tatjana? I’ve looked on the profile page and I can’t see any little writing that you might be referring to

It appears when you try to upload too bog (too havy) photo and doesn’t stay permanently there but your previous picture (if you didn’t previously delete it) remains as a profile picture.

See here, there somewhere the maximum size is mentioned in the text and is shown on the last picture too.

Oh, and don’t mint for a bit different layout. the puctures are from before the layout was newly updated.

Hope it helps.

As for the names … I agree with you and if @aran agrees with and is willing to change your name, why not (as long as it meets forum rules (about what I have no doubt it will at all) :slight_smile: ) . The profile is yours anyway. :slight_smile:

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I am an old dragon and I hate my real name, chosen by my mam who thought French names sounded more snobby (she would have said,‘better’)!
Nobody else liked it and wanted ‘Mary’ or ‘Mari’ but she claimed her choice was ‘my father’s wish’! As he was in Burma at the time (or en route), nobody checked. When he returned, he assured all, “It was nothing to do with me!”
I am delighted to be known by an accurate description instead!
I suspect my dad’s real choice would have been Efa after my poor dead little auntie who died very young of the TB she caught from my Mam-gu, who died before her. I would have liked that, only it would have been Eva to get it said right in England!

Can I pick up again where I left off on changing my profile picture please?
I followed all advice (thanks @tatjana), checked the size of the photo (96kb)
and, having inserted the new one I’m told “profile changed” but, as can be seen, it’s still the old one.
Anyone got any more ideas?

No, sorry, runned out of them …

@Kinetic anything on the software side. I know phpBB and HTML codes are not as wide accepted as before but is on uploading pics some change too?

Hi Bryan!

I’ve just had a check on the main part of the website (the bit with the lessons), and it seems you have a different profile picture on there. It’s one with a hat. Is that the one you want to use?

If so, what I reckon has happened is this: you’ve changed your profile on the main website, but that change isn’t automatically reflected on the forum. So, to update it, do this:

(1) Click on the circular picture in the top right of the forum
(2) From the menu that appears, click on the little cog icon immediately under the circular picture
(3) On the page which appears, you should see “Profile Picture” and a little edit button next to it. Click that and choose “Upload picture” from in there.

Hope that sorts if for you. Let me know if you need any more help :slight_smile:

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Thank you@kinetic. I had already worked out where to go to make the change but had failed to find an answer. Having got your response I went back but still didn’t get any further until I accepted I must have been missing something. I then found out that the page was scrollable and the rest, as they say is history.
Many thanks


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@aran any chance you could change mine to my first name only, preferably first four characters actually…

Pete :slight_smile: