Challenges or Old Lessons?

Good morning all,

I’m giving learning Welsh ago after a few half hearted past attempts, having done GCSE Welsh 15 years ago. My mum speaks it so lucky enough to have a practice partner.

When I last tried, I did a few lessons on what I now see is the Old Course, and that there are now challenges too.

My question is, do I follow the old course (level 1 of which can be completed without a subscription it seems), or subscribe and complete the challenges, or use both together?

Any help appreciated as I want to get stuck in but make sure I’m on the right path first!


The new levels and challenges are the improved version of the old course. If you subscribe to the new course, you’ll also get much more support from online tutors and extra tasks designed to speed up your learning. It’s best not to try and do the new and old courses at the same time - many people find that it’s far more useful to do the old course after finishing level 3 of the new one.

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I would totally agree with siaron. The subscription fee is tiny compared with what you get. The video chat sessions are a massive part of the course, as they don’t just give you speaking confidence but make you really feel part of the community. I did the old course after the new course and it was brilliant, but i definitely think the new course is better and the best place to start. Good luck and enjoy it, i can’t speak highly enough of ssiw :grinning:


I agree with the others. I’ve been going through the old course after finishing level 3 of the new course, and I feel that’s the best way. There’s useful material in the old course that makes it worth doing both, but the new course has a much better structure I think, so I’d recommend doing that first.

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