Challenge 5

did i hear correctly in challenge 5 “achos mae ddysgu” - it threw me so I was too busy going through my vocab print-out to see if it’s mentioned that I failed to notice the time marker! (nearer the end of challenge) If it is correct how does it become that - many thanks.

Yes, it’s correct - “achos mae dysgu Cymraeg yn ddiddorol”
All you are doing here is adding ‘because’ (achos) to the sentence “learning Welsh is interesting” (mae dysgu Cymraeg yn ddiddorol)

thanks for that - it was the “mae” that threw me as I had no idea why it was there :grinning:

In this instance, no ‘mae’ would be no ‘is’ ! :slight_smile:

I’m still at the stage where anything new thrown at me- well it does throw me! :blush:

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Dal ati! :slight_smile:

Loads and loads of sentence in Welsh use ‘to be’ even where you wouldn’t say it in English, and that’s what the ‘mae’ is here. It pops up everywhere, disguised with different spellings.

Mae ddysgu Cymraeg yn ddiddorol = It is interesting learning Welsh.
Dw i isio mynd = I am wanting to go.

In English you’d probably say ‘learning Welsh is interesting’ and ‘I want to go’ but Welsh (almost) always has that ‘to be’ shoved in there.

Years ago a native Welsh speaking friend told me that the McDonald’s slogan (you know, the ‘I’m loving it’ one) is how you always phrase things in Welsh. That stuck with me and I found it helped during SSIW, at least for me.

thanks for that (although it’s dw i’n moyn mynd around here!) :grin: :grinning: lots of little curve balls to overcome but will probably get used to them eventually- hope so anyway!

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