Challenge 23, Level 1 - when to us ‘i’ after an adjective


I’m a bit confused about whether or not I need to use ‘i’ after an adjective. For example, in the sentences below one has the ‘i’ and the other doesn’t but I can’t work out why:

Dw i’n barod i helpu chdi. (Has the ‘i’)
Mae’n bwysig cofio rhywbeth. (I was kind of expecting an ‘i’ after ‘bwysig’.)

@siaronjames - might be something you could advise on?

Have a look here Sarah - When to use and when not to use 'i ' as a preposition before a verbnoun :slight_smile:


Siaron’s tip is a good one! Over time you’ll start to get a feel for when something seems like it should use ‘i’ without consciously thinking about it (at least, that’s how it’s been for me).

There are some odd ones that still trip me up, where I use an ‘i’ and then Aran/Catrin don’t - but as with everything else in this course, people you might speak to will get the gist of what you’re saying anyway, which is the most important thing.

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Thanks @siaronjames and @alan-charlesworth for your help on this! I’ve read the articles but still not sure I really get it to be honest. The articles talked about ‘i’ following verb-nouns rather than following adjectives. I find it difficult to remember something unless I can understand it but will try to just push on regardless!

Go with the ‘rule of thumb’ I mentioned in the post I linked to -
Dw i’n barod i helpu chdi - I’m ready in order to help you (clunky but makes sense, so use i)
Mae’n bwysig cofio rhywbeth - it’s important in order to remember something (doesn’t make sense, so no i)


I wouldn’t get hung up on the technicalities of it.

Maybe it would help to think of ‘dw i’n barod i helpu chdi’ as ‘I’m ready for helping you’. Whereas ‘mae’n bwysig cofio rhywbeth’ is more like ‘it’s important remembering something’.

That ‘for’ is what the ‘i’ is doing here.


It tends to work with an ‘i’ after the adjective if you’ve mentioned a person first. In your examples dw i’n barod i helpu chdi.
Where it’s a more general statement, not mentioning a specific person, you don’t tend to have the ‘i’ - mae’n bwysig cofio rhywbeth - no person mentioned, just a general statement.