Celebrate with me!

I have two things to celebrate this morning - 1, my granddaughter (two and a half) sung in the toddlers’ event in the Eisteddfod on Sunday - I’m so proud of her and my entirely English-speaking daughter who taught her the songs! And 2, I’ve just completed the final lesson of Course One and am about to start Course Two, thank you so much SSiW for getting me this far.

Llongyfarchiadau mawr!..:seren:

Diolch yn fawr!

Will drink a pint in your honour at our meetup this evening.
Yechyd dda! :smile:

Congratulations Shan! I’ll bet you were bursting with pride at the Eisteddfod. And as for completing Course One, well done again, and good luck with Course Two - you’ll love it, and it’ll drive you happily nuts as well. You’ll be really proud of yourself when you start clocking up those new lessons, and can continue to chat with your lovely granddaughter in even more fluent Welsh.

I can imagine how proud you felt Shan. Well done as well for completing course 1. Llongyfarchiadau.

Fabulous!!! :slight_smile: :tada: