Casnewydd: Second Saturday of every month, Central Library, Newport

That sounds like a good outing, we’ll look forward to hearing about it.
Have a great time.

Sorry, chaps - I’m visiting my partner in Dover this weekend so I won’t be able to join you on Saturday. I hope you have a nice time and I’ll see you in July!

Have a safe trip, if you’re driving be careful on the M4, M3, M25 M20 ac yn ymlaen.
Yes people of Newport tomorrow morning Coffee #1 Commercial Street from 10-30 on.

It’s going to be like old times!

Is anyone around for our Casnewydd Coffee #1 meetup tomorrow July 11th at 1030?

Gobeithio bydda i yna - hopefully I will be there

Sorry, I will probably not be in Newport on 8th August. It is Chepstow show and the Chepstow Welsh Society is having a stand there to promote the National Eisteddfod in Monmouthshire in 2016.

Hello, gents.
Sorry I missed the July meet-up - my partner and I decided to have a last-minute holiday. I’m afraid I also won’t be able to come in August (moving house) or September (birthday spa treatment).
… I swear my life isn’t usually this jam-packed. Fingers crossed for October :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think you’ve quite got the hang of this ‘looking for sympathy’ business…:wink:


Tomorrow’s the day for the monthly Newport meeting,10-30 ish Coffee #1 for those who don’t know.
Goodegg you’ll kick yourself for missing the best ever meeting.
Good luck with the move.

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Oes cyfarfod yng Nghasnewydd y benwythnos hon?

Is there a meeting in Newport this weekend?

Bore da Norman, I can’t make tomorrow but as well as James, Ron is planning to go and maybe
Doug as well.
Hwyl dave…

I shall be there.

Tomorrow is the monthly Newport meeting, 10-30 in Café # 1 Commercial Street if you’d like to come along. You can go to the beer festival afterwards :grinning:

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and rugby - the beer festival are showing Wales v Australia on a big screen in Rodney Parade

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Mind you, they’re stretching the definition of “big” a little (unless that’s a huge red car in the background)

Bore da pawb,
Coffee # 1 tomorrow in will be the place to be, 10-30 ish . Maybe we’ll have the shop to
ourselves with everybody else in the new centre.

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I would suggest a visit to the new shopping centre, but since bits of it are still a building site maybe it’s best to wait!

I may be there tomorrow - it all depends on the electrician I’ve been waiting for this past week. He’s promised to show up tomorrow morning, to make up for three no shows this past fortnight…

P’nawn da pawb,
Coffee # 1 in Commercial Street Newport at 10-30 is the place to be tomorrow. A nice place for chat
while everyone else is in the new shop.!

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Helo pawb,
tomorrow, 9th of January, 10-30 Coffee #1 Commercial Street is the place to be if you’re
in Newport. Come along for a bit of Welsh chat.

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