Casnewydd: Second Saturday of every month, Central Library, Newport

Dw i ddim yn siŵr a fydda i’n gallu dod Dydd Sadwrn 14ydd o Chwefror.

I am not sure if I will be able to come Saturday 14th Feb.


How about you @cuckoo ?

Bore da James,
Yeah I’m up for it.

great! see you tomorrow.

(and the hordes of others, obviously)

Bore da. Tomorrow is the second Saturday in the month, which means it’s Newport Coffee #1 time again.

I have a cold, so I’ll only be there tomorrow if I’ve stopped sneezing constantly.


I’ll have a cuppa and wait awhile, just in case. Good luck with the cold.
Hwyl. Dave.

Hi, guys. Would you have space at your table for an intermediate learner who really needs to bite the bullet and start communicating with actual people?

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Noswaith da Goodegg, you’re more than welcome. Come along and enjoy it. The next
SSIW meeting is Saturday, 11th April, if you’re keen there’s a meeting on Saturday
the 4th upstairs in Newport library, from 10-ish onwards. You’ll be welcome at both.

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I’ll come say hello on Saturday. Am I right in saying 10:30 in Coffee #1?

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Hello all. I’m a new learner who really needs to practice speaking with people!! Sadly I can’t make this Sat but how often do you meet up? Diolch yn fawr.

Bore da both, yes 10:30 Coffee #1, second Saturday in the month. Look for a Welsh
magazine if it’s not obvious we’re speaking Welsh. Remember there’s an upstairs
if the café is crowded.
Hwyl Dave.

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Yn anffodus fydda i ddim yn gallu dod Dydd Sadwrn.

Unfortunately I will not be able to come on Saturday.

I shall be there. From the sounds of it we’re going to need a bigger table.

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Maybe we’ll have to sit outside breathing in the fag smoke, sometimes it’s
herbal. Good for you.!


It is possible that things will be rearranged and I will be able to join you after all. Gawn ni weld - we’ll see.

Bore da, people of Newport it’s that time of the month again. Saturday 9th May
Coffee # 1 ten thirty-ish. Come on down for a chat.

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I’ll be there. I hope.

Hoping even more we’ll repeat our fantastic numbers from last time!

(So no pressure, @goodegg !)

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

woo hoo!

fingers crossed for @llanddinol and we have a full house…

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend in June, I will be at Gregynog Hall with other learners as part of the Eisteddfod.