Casnewydd: Second Saturday of every month, Central Library, Newport

We meet at Central Library, Newport - top floor

We meet from about 1030 till about 1200.

We sit wherever we can find a space, generally on a teeny tiny table, but it would be excellent this month if we had to upgrade to a small one. There’ll be a copy of Lingo Newydd or a Welsh language Tintin book on the table to aid in spotting us…

Update: 3rd September 2016
The group has grown since I created this post - there’s 4-5 regulars every month. These days we tend to be found very near to the front door.

The standard of Welsh is good, everyone is very friendly, the level of pedantic correctionism is very low, and the coffee is excellent.

Update: 14th January 2016
7 people today. A new record!

A successful 100% turnout of the Casnewydd branch of SSiW…

We can go one better than that, but only one - there are three of us meeting up here in the Cilycwm branch of SSiW, near Llandovery. Only two learners, joined by one kind and patient Welsh speaker, who inspires us and gives us hope!

It’s tomorrow! Saturday 9th August 2014, 1030(ish) in Coffee #1.

Come one, come all. Come both. Come and hear me tell a story about a rat and expanding foam without knowing the word for rat, expanding or foam.

Hello James
I was hoping to join you today but things went wrong and I could not make it from Chepstow. Hopefully next month.

rat - llygoden fawr (rats - llygod mawr)
expanding foam - ehangu ewyn

I believe the last time we met was when you arranged a group meeting in Raglan Castle. Are there any plans for anything similar?

Helo James mi hoffwn attend yr grwp casnewydd. Dwi’n gobeithio i ddod i’r meetup Medi 13eg.

Os ydy hi’n iawn?

P’nawn da bois, as the other half of the dynamic duo I can say we’ll be there.
One of us will confirm nearer the time.
Hwyl, Dave.

That’s unless we’re off fighting crime. Cuckoo and Sparrow (to use our old forum names) - that has a definite ring of 80s cop show to it…

Thanks for the vocab Norman. I never told my llygoden fawr story so you still have a chance to hear it on September 13th.

I’d like to visit another castle again. I’ve not get any definite plans to arrange another trip, but if there’s a demand I’ll be willing to organise again.

Coffee #1 tomorrow, September 13th at half ten.

There’s a chance that David cannot make it - Gareth and Norman, if by chance you see this message can you confirm if you’ll be coming or not?

As it stands I’ll be there (reading a Tin Tin book). But if no one is definitely coming I’d rather not sit on my own for an hour!


Sorry mate I couldn’t make…going through some crap at the moment but it is my intention to come at some point

Dim problemo.

Had a lovely chat with Norman!

Beth am ddydd Sadwrn, degfedd o fis Hydref?

What about Saturday 10th October?

Keen as I am for Welsh chat, I’ll be going on the 11th! Be good to see you there again Norman.

The 11th seems good to me, apart from Hell, high water and other

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8th of November. Coffee #1. About half past ten.

Will we break the attendance record? Will we match? Be there and find out!

So, that’s two of us plus our alter egos, Fatman ‘n’ Blunderboy, possibly Norman as well.
Wow a record five, looking forward to it.


Dw i ddim yn siŵr a fydda i’n gallu dod ar yr wythfed o Dachwedd ond gawn ni weld.

I am not sure if I will be able to come on the 8th of November but we’ll see.



Oes bore coffi 10ed o Ionawr?

I’ve been meaning to update the thread for a week, so thanks for the reminder!

Yes, bore coffi tomorrow, half past ten in Coffee #1.

Everyone’s welcome…

Yep, I’ll be there.