Carmarthen conversation group

Hi @Raf, yes the Carmarthen group still meets up. Every other Thursday night in the Ivy Bush Hotel, on Spilman Street. 7-9 pm. You need to register your car on the screen in reception, or at the bar. (The fine is £100! as one of us knows!) Our next meeting is this coming Thursday, 12 November. Look for someone knitting.

Thats lovely, thank you - I am not sure I will make this week, as I have the chimney assessment guy here to see if a log burner can be put in, but I will come if I can, and will certainly make the next one. I will be nervous looking one, with a rabbit-in-headlights look and bad hair !

Thank you all for a lovely lovely evening - and making a nervous newcomer feel very welcome and at ease. I shall be practising hard for the next meet up, and look forward to seeing you all then.

Diolch yn fawr !


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It was lovely to have 3 new people join the group tonight. Croeso gynnes i Emma (@Raf), Bob a Gareth!

Christmas Arrangements for the Carmarthen SSIW group.

10th December, as usual.

No meeting 24th, Christmas Eve.

No meeting 7th January BUT one on Monday 11th to meet with @Karla.

Next meeting 21st, back on Thursday nights.

@Deborah-SSi. Can this go in a newsletter soon?


Diolch yn fawr! Looking forward to it!


Hello All. Just a note to say that the next Carmarthen SSIW meet up is moving, just for the evening of 28 April, to the Phoenix pub in Gorslas, by Cross Hands. 7-9 pm.

And a warm welcome to all local learners, and all those who came one or twice and then life got on top of you. We would love to have you join us again! There are 5 regulars nowadays and we need you to join us for new company and new stories to hear.

@beverly_melnykjones,@gerryf,@Deborah-SSi, @Raf, @charlottefalb, @liz_mounty, @timeastwood, @pauljennings, @davidpeterafanyddmor, @robinwilliams,


@jeremyhill, @billigog, @ellathomas,@annmoore, @MikeH,@bellselkie,@hannahbee81_hb, @richardbebb, @williambeynon, @robbruce

In case you haven’t heard, Menter Iaith are organising a FfrindIaith evening in Caerfyrddin on 29th April - a chance to meet up with first language Welsh speakers happy to help those still learning Welsh. It’s also a great way to start to socialise more through the medium of Welsh and feel comfortable to join in with Welsh language events happening in Sir Gâr.

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Diolch @Deborah-SSi.

August 4th meeting cancelled due to us all doing other things. @Deborah-SSi
Back to usual on August 18th. Ivy Bush, Carmarthen 7-9 pm

After a hiatus over the summer the SSIW meet up is back on the road, or in the Ivy Bush hotel this Thursday evening. 7-9. Please come along with “What I did in my Summer Holidays” yng Nghymraeg.:beetle::boom::beetle:

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And then there were three.

One of us has visitors during half term and the other has a really bad cold not to be inflicted on anyone else. So I’m afraid tonight’s SSIW in Carmarthen is cancelled. Back in a fortnight’s time.

Just to say that anyone in the Carmarthen area who wants more practice can also come along to our weekly Kidwelly meeting.

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I live near Gelli Aur part-time and would love to meet with other SSIW people in the area to speak Welsh. Unfortunately I’m rarely around on Thursdays, mostly here at weekends. So far, I’ve done to Gwers 7 on Course 1 and am now working my way through Challenge 7 on Level one.

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Helo @Howard, are you free this afternoon? I live near Cross Hands. PM me if it suits.


And then there were 2.

We meet in the Ivy Bush quite regularly but are up to changing date and time, within our respective time constraints. We would love to see more of you!

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Carmarthen SSIW conversation group is restarting after Christmas on 12 January. 7pm The Ivy Bush.

Nadolig Llawen i bawb.

(@Deborah-SSi, @billigog)

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Diolch Margaret - Nadolig Llawen!

Hello! I live in Carmarthen, would love to come along in January and have a friend who would probably be keen too. Hope to see you then. Nadolig Llawen :slight_smile:

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Hello Erica. We look forward to seeing you and your friend!

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