Careful what you do with your Dewi Sant daffs

Don’t be tempted to eat your daffs by mistake!

So if you happen to be feeling peckish on Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant, don’t be tempted to nibble on your daff.

If you chose the leek option, you should be ok. :slight_smile:


Penderyn, no veg😃


Nonsense we children always ate the daffs. to finish off school service onMarch 1…yma o hyd!

:slight_smile: Dewi Sant must have been looking after you all.

Hope he still is, there’s a whole bowlful waiting on the windowsill…any more ‘interesting’ goings on in Rownd a Rownd? I am too preoccupied with - pawb mewn ac allan cympas gyda n’ gillydd y gwely’ - on Pobol ( use Cymraeg in case children are reading) to watch myself.

Well, there was a great storyline involving Beth, Kim and Wyn a few weeks ago, but that seems to have gone into abeyance.

Wyn threw someone out of Copa for drunkenly coming on to his daughter.

And there is a teenage pregnancy. (And the father is not the boyfriend, so more than the usual sparks are likely to fly over that one).

So it’s interesting enough. I’m an episode behind though, and everything might have changed.

Hope you have a good crop blooming in time for next Sunday’s feast…nice spot of lemon pepper sets the tastebuds off…Special Service for Dydd Dewi Sant, Eglwys Gadeiriol, Leeds am 10.30, gobeith yn croeso chi.