Cardiff Half Marathon

Well, a few things to say under this topic:

  1. I’m competing in the half marathon next weekend (4th October), so if you’re in the area and want to shout encouragement as I pass by (you know - “Da iawn, Iestyn! dal ati” or “What are you walking for - you’ve only done two miles!”), then do come along and support. (It’s looking like a nice day according to forecasts ar hyn o bryd)

  2. I’m giving a couple of people lifts from Llandysul. One is Welsh speaking since forever, the other an SSiWer. We will be getting ourselves a breakfast when we’ve all finished, so if anyone fancies a breakfast and chat with some Welsh speakers, let me know, and I’ll PM you my mobile for us to meet up - sometime after 12 for breakfast, but hopefully sometime after 11 at the finish line.

  3. I am running to raise money for the loal swimming pool, that we saved from closure in 2013, so any contributions will be greatfully received at our MyDonate page here:

I am the treasurer of the pool, and it’s a central part of the very Welsh community of Llandysul. IT was saved by a community initiative, a bit like the Saith Seren scheme whereby local people have set up direct debits of £10 each to keep the place open. (In fact, my experience of the Llandysul scheme helped Saith Seren to avoid one or two of the porblems that we encountered. I hope that we contributed to the 7* success!).

But I’m not looking for regular contributions here - just a one off tenner to make my hurting legs a bit more bearable at the end of the run!




Pob lwc! :sunny:

Pob lwc!

And you know already what I’ll do don’t you? :slight_smile:

@Iestyn, I know there will be crowds there to cheer you on, so - Mae’n rhaid i ti wrando’n ofalus iawn…Bydda i’n gweiddi “Dal ati, ti’n gallu ei wneud e!” from over here “across the pond”! :slight_smile: Pob lwc!

Pob lwc!

I’m sorry @Iestyn but it seams like I’ll do nothing at all as the MyDonate system doesn’t want (let) me to contribute … so if you don’t see my donation on your MyDonate page then you should know there are (technical (maybe geo-restricting)) issues I can not overcome no matter how good intentions I had.

Pob lwc. And remember, it’s important to take a part in the race and not to win it. You’ll come out as a winner anyway. You already are a winner for me running that marathon and fundraising for good cause.

Hmm, I seem to be having the same problem as you, Tatjana. Maybe it’s because we’re outside the UK?

No, I actually believe @iestyn should contact MyDonate support. I’ve already suggested to them that something is wrong either with this particular donation page or with their system in general as I don’t believe he raised only 20 GBP in 2 days (or so) and whenever I look at the page the amount is always 20 GBP and no further comments or additions and donnors are displayed except that one.

They asured me though there’s no technical reason not to be able to donate on their page however I’m encountering all sorts of issues from that one that I can’t (newely) add paying method into my acount (I’ve donated a year or so ago to CIN through them and it was no problems at tha ttimes), when trying to donate anyway, the step 2 and 3 are not appearing at all but goes all the way to the message that they’re sorry but they could not accept my donation. Reason is not mentioned though.

Do you have the same issues @Karla? I’ve already contacted the support for the second time (I’ve got one reply though but it was of no use) and gave them also the link to Iestyn’s page so I hope they’ll look into issue and solve it to the benefit of Iestyn and us all.

This much I could do, more I couldn’t.

@Iestyn I’d also suggest to review settings on your MyDonate fundraising page (if there are any particular of course).

Pob lwc one more time.

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This is exactly the problem I’ve been having. I tried a couple of times, but got the same result.

I’ve tried from 2 computers on totally different locations with totally different Internet connection provider, also with different Opearting system and 3 different browsers and the result is always the same as described before. I presume it could also be that this page is kind of not “public” yet or something like this. I’m waiting for their answer at the moment though. Might be I’ll have it tomorrow hopefully.

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Iestyn I’ve been trying to work out how to PM you… but failed.

I’d like to join you lot for breakfast - personally give you the sponsorship money?

Would you PM me your mobile and I can text you back diolch Louise

Go to topic “This forum -How to and similar stuff” or to "Really useful links (or something like that and you can find how to send PM to someone there.

I’m on the tav0blet at the moment and am not able to post the link as working on forum from tablet or phone is really hard task regarding copying, pasting and similar stuff.

Tagging also (depending on the individual’s settings) can send a message @Iestyn :sunny:

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Here are the instructions (if you didn’t have the time to have some fun by yourself again with that). How to send PM

Otherwise all useful links to this and similar how to on forum stuff and other useful things you can find in the Index list in Really useful ‘How to’ stuff and other great posts


On the MyDonate issue note: I’ve got another reply from them informing me that the whole issue was passed to technicians to investigate the whole thing. I also have informed them that not only I have such troubles donating so I believe they’ll put some sirious work into this (hopefully).

Sorry - I thought I’d answered this earlier today, but I obviously didn’t…

I have contacted MyDonate thanks to Tatjana and Karla’s heads-up about the payment problems. They were going to get back in touch with me when they know what the problem was, and they still haven’t, which makes me think the problem is a biggy…

It’s good that they’ve been in touch with you Tatjana, to say that it’s being investigated. I wonder if that is because you contacted them, or whether it’s because they’ve contacted everyone who’s had problems.

Anyway, as soon as it’s up and running I’ll let you know - it will remain open for a few weeks after the event as well, so I hope that I’ll be able to raise a good bit of money. We need every penny at the moment, because the council are still dragging their feet over some historical issues that mean we are unable to access any meaningful grants.

So - diolch to everyone (and a special Hvala) for trying, and supporting, and I hope the page will be sorted out soon.



No problem @Iestyn. I’m glad to asist as is everyone here I believe. If they contacted me with anything earlier then you I’ll put it here and I’ll be stubborn enough to try my luck every now and then.

However it might be bigger problem as I could not add my paymento method into my Donating acount (as I’ve said I’ve already donated through them once to CIN and had no problems that time) so I only hope they’ll save this problem as swiftly as possible. Yes every penny is needed so let the solution rather come quickly. :slight_smile:

Hello @Iestyn, @Karla, @louisegray and all the rest of those who are willing to contribute and donate. I’ve just got this to my mail:

MyDonate problems with making payments to charity.

Discussion Thread
Response Via Email (Dawn Johnston) 01/10/2015 01:25 PM
Hello Tatjana,

Thank you for your patience while I got our technical team to have a look at your problem. You were correct when you said that there were more people than you trying to make a donation to the charity and it was not working.

They have informed me that this problem is now resolved. Thank you for pointing this out to me and hopefully there will be no more problems.

Best Wishes

Dawn Johnston
MyDonate Support

I hope this will all go well and will work now. I’m not in position to check this out by myself but will surely do (after the match) it later.

Pob lwc.


Just tried again - it worked!


I have just made a donation, and if I’m awake early enough Sunday morning, I may even drive into Cardiff to go cheer @Iestyn on! :smile:


Oh, good. Cheer him fo rme aswell. :slight_smile:

Now I managed to give donation too so I presum it really everything works as it should.

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