Can't access course 2

I have a problem! I have been denied access to lesson 9 Course 2. It is recognising me as a new member, and that I need to subscribe to access. However I have been a member for over a year now and I had access until this weekend. I have paid to date including the most recent payment on 28th March. Help!

Solved my son in law came and worked out the problem on my computer.

Hi Annette - when this is happening, are you able to access lesson 8? The likeliest scenario is that you’re logging in with a different email address - maybe you’ve had some cookies deleted or something - but if that doesn’t sound likely, drop me a line (aran [ at ] and I’ll…

Ah, good, glad you sorted it! :star2:

That’s exactly what happened Aran, Andy discovered cookies had been deleted. I am sorry to have bothered you over the holiday break but when it happened it was like I had lost something really precious, what was I going to do without SSIW!!