Apps: Known issues and workarounds

The aim of this topic is to provide a brief overview of any current app issues.

Please comment on this thread only to report typos and errors. If you have any problems with either app, any feedback or any other workarounds to suggest please create a new topic.

iOS Version 2 (iPad, iPhone, iPod, iOther) iTunes Link

No current issues!

Android (Latest version 1.0.16) Play Store link

  • If you get an error logging in it’s probably a connection glitch. Simply try again. (But please still send us the crash report). If the problem persists then let us know on the forum

  • If you delete a lesson (from the menu option on the view lesson screen) and then try try to play that same lesson again before the app has deleted it you might see an error. It’s caused by your blazing fast app skills.

  • After refreshing lesson content, or signing in successfully, you received a message stating that “member only content could not be downloaded”

    • There’s currently an issue where this message is being shown by mistake. Please ignore it for the moment

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I’ve always logged in with Facebook but can’t find that option in the iOS app - is it possible to log in that way? If not, how do I get myself a password?

Interesting question - I’m guessing we don’t have FB integration with the app - so not sure what you have to do if you’ve only ever logged in here with FB - so tagging @lewie :slight_smile:

Neither iOS nor android apps currently support Facebook login.

To create an account, go to Below the “LOG IN” button, it says “Don’t have an account yet”? - click that and take it from there.

The next version of the app will have better support for signing up.

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@lewie I’m having some issues with the iOS app losing my place if I leave partway through a lesson. If I’ve stopped more than once, it will sometimes go back to the previous stopping spot, and sometimes it just goes back to the beginning. Any thoughts?

Also, I love using the app but I do miss the +/- 15 second buttons that are available in the iBooks app (I was setting my downloaded lessons to be audiobooks before I used the app). Sometimes I just want to go back and hear something another time, but it’s hard to scrub just a small amount of time using the bar. Any chance you could add that functionality to the app?

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Do you notice anything different about the times that it remembers, verses the times that it gets, um… forgetful? Any leads would be very helpful.

Yes, scrub bars are a bit fiddly for that sort of thing. I tend to listen to lessons while out running or walking, and sometimes a loud truck goes by - so I understand completely sometimes just needing to repeat the last thing. I’ll add it to the wishlist.


I will pay particular attention and take some notes, and get back to you.[quote=“lewie, post:17, topic:1841”]
I’ll add it to the wishlist

Diolch yn fawr iawn!

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@lewie, this is what I see so far: If I go into the app, start a new lesson, stop, and then close the app, it loses my place and is back at 0:00 when I start the app again. If I go do something else in the app, for example listen to part of another lesson or go to the forum, then close the app, and then start it again, it retains the correct place.

The same behavior is true if I have partially done a lesson. If I come into the app with the time at, say, 13:00, listen for 5 minutes, and then close the app, when I start the app again the time will be at 13:00 instead of at 18:00 where it should be. If I do something else in the app, then close it, then start again later, the time will start at 18:00, as it should.

If I don’t close the app, but go do other things with other apps, then come back into the already open app, it behaves properly.

I am using the app on an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.3.2, which is the latest version.

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Got it! I was hesitant to make a new account and somehow lose my progress, all those beautiful tickboxes…but it seems the new design doesn’t cover those anyway?

Anna - hugely helpful, thanks! When you say “close the app” can you tell me exactly how you are doing that? I.e. are you just hitting the home button, or are you, say, double tapping the home button and swiping up on the app?

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Yes, I can understand not wanting to lose progress tick boxes. However, the apps don’t yet have a way to share or get that information from the website, so if you started using the app, even with a Facebook login, it wouldn’t know about your progress on the web site anyway. Something for the wishlist…

This is what I meant by “close the app”. I know it’s probably not necessary but I usually go in and close all my apps once a day, usually at the end of the day before I put my phone on the charger.

Not just now, but they’ll be back at some point, in some form… :slight_smile:

Hii, dal yn caru’r ap, ond…

I’ve finally progressed to the paying stages, but I’ve not figured a way out yet that would let my app know! Every time I try to download a new challenge (currently L2 C3), the app gives me the paywall screen. How can I let it know that I’m in? Or should I download each lesson manually?