Caernarfon Area SSiWers - Christmas drink?

Noswaith dda!

Calling all Caernarfon/Arfon area SSiWers. Do you fancy a festive pre-Christmas get together over a glass or two? Not thought of where of when yet, but thought it might be fun? Mr J is away in China from the 7th till the 15th, so it would have to be after that.

Thinking of places with space, we could do The Black Boy/Galeri/Celtic Royal/Stables Llanwnda. But please throw your suggestions at me - where and when would you like to meet? Lets try and make this happen! :slight_smile:

Not sure I’m the best one to advise on anything ‘festive’ (bah hymbyg :wink: ) but might I suggest that Friday 20th would be a date to avoid - as the last Friday before Christmas, places are likely to be even busier and noisier than other days.

I would love to come but we are leaving for our yearly Czech&Slovak relatives tour on 19th, so it would need to be on 16th, 17th or 18th.

As it happens we have carollers calling that evening and are having family over for the occasion, so I have the perfect excuse for avoiding Caernarfon altogether… :wink:

Let me have a look at the dates and we’ll see what comes up, you never know we may well be able to squeeze it in! :slight_smile:


Hmmmm… having looked at the calendar, I’m now doubting very strongly that Aran and I will be able to attend anything before the 22nd. Though Aran is back from China on the 15th, the week that follows is full to the brim with the school Christmas concert, the New Star Wars movie release and so on.

So I’m now thinking of trying to squeeze a little something either during the day during that week, or on the day/evening of the 23? It’s a busy time unfortunately, isn’t it?

Anyone around during that time?

Is anyone free for a quick drink somewhere on the afe

Count me in as definitely interested and willing, certainly! My ILs arrive en masse on 23rd so prob best for something during the day between 16 & 23. It would be a bit rude for me to leave them and go out with other people on the first evening they arrive, I suppose…

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Hmmmmmm… :wink:

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Only a bit :wink:

Ok good people, I feel I should get this sorted. How about a casual lunchtime/afternoon drink in The Black Boy on Wednesday the 18th? :christmas_tree: :champagne: :gift: :santa: :snowman_with_snow:

We’ve got school pick up at 3, so how about we aim for 12.30?

Daniel Hanlon
Fancy popping over @gruntius?

Who else do we have not too far from Caernarfon?


I would love to. That is my day off so I will see you there :blush:


I volunteer at Gisda until 2:30 (or later if needed) but hopefully I can join in. Be a shame to miss it when I’m just around the corner.

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Sorry, I’m going back to Finland this Saturday!

I would love to but I’m between working 2 night shifts on that day. I did have a look when you first started this thread. :roll_eyes:

O na! I keep missing you somehow, maybe we can live too close… :wink: We’ll be leaving about 2.30ish for the school run unfortunately. But maybe we’ll catch up in the new year?

It’s crazy that I haven’t seen you at all this term! Say hi to Sion Corn for me. X

Maybe we’ll get to see you and Tracey sometime over the holiday Geraint?


I’m in a works Xmas lunch in mid Wales that day, otherwise wuda been up for it :grinning:

Yup, I can do lunchtime :slight_smile:


I’d love to pop in if I’m less germy by then…


Sounds good to me! Be lovely to see everyone.

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That works for me! :santa:t4:

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That’s breakfast time for me :smiley: but fine. I’ll take it as an opportunity to adjust to more normal regime :wink:

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