CACEN Meetup South East England

Hi I am Elaine and live in Sidcup, Kent - would love to join CACEN group but hope someone can advise

@sallyannmayger could you contact @elainemcclarence and give her information about the CACEN group please? Diolch :slightly_smiling_face:

I am new to SSiW and live in Surrey. I’d really like to be part of the CACEC group, and hopefully be able to join in a meet-up from time to time.
Please let me know how to join in. Many thanks, Jenny

Here’s the latest news from the CACEN group! Diolch yn fawr @sallyannmayger!

Cacen’s next meeting which will be held on the 18th September in Havant 1pm - 4pm. For more information please contact @sallyannmayger on private message.

Hi Sally-Ann,
I would be interested in the meet-up on 18th, depending on where it is, and how accessible it is by train.
Many thanks, Jenny

@JennySharples to contact Sally-Ann, you need to send her a private message.

To do that, click on her name where it appears above shaded with the @ in front. That will open up a little popup screen with a button showing an envelope and ‘Message’. Click on that and you’ll get a private screen where you can send a message to her directly. The best thing is if you give her your email address so that she can contact you directly. She doesn’t use the forum very much.

Thanks, Deborah - but where do I find her name, please?

It’s written in the post up above, but I’ll write it again here - @sallyannmayger

Hi Sallyann, I would be interested in coming along to the meet-up in Havant on 18th Sept. I’d be coming by train - how far is the venue from the station please? Thanks, Jenny

Jenny, you need to click on @sallyannmayger to get the little popup with the Message button. Then you click on that button and send your message directly to Sally. She doesn’t often come into the forum, so she probably won’t see it otherwise.

Hi! I’ve decided to learn Welsh and I am looking for a group nearby to meet/learn/practise with… I googled a bit and CACEN came up… How would I go about getting involved? I’m in W Sussex. Diolch!

If you click on Sally’s user name @sallyannmayger you’ll see that you can send her a Private Message. That’s the best way to contact her and find out details about the group.

Hi we are having our next meeting on the 18th of September in Havant.
We will have a relaxing afternoon chatting in Welsh/ English all welcome at any level.
for more details, please message @sallyannmayger

Sally - @sallyannmayger - has let me know that the meetup on the 18th has been cancelled. Watch this thread for news of the next meetup.

Hi, just started SSIW and would be interested to meet up. Please keep me informed! Diolch yn fawr :slightly_smiling_face:

Helo @john-davies-5, a-g a phawb arall
Roeddwn i gyda @sallyannmayger ddoe yn chwilio am rywle yng nghanol Brighton ger yr orsaf ble gallem ni gwrdd yn amlach yn y nos. Gobeithio byddwn ni’n gallu trefnu cyfarfod cyn hir yma.

I was with @sallyannmayger yesterday looking for somewhere in central Brighton near the statiom where we can meet more often in the evening. Hopefully we will be able to arrange to meet before long here.

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