CACEN Meetup South East England

Hi Emma

What a shame! You’re always welcome at CACEN if you’re in the area on any other weekend that we’re meeting. There are also Monday evening meet ups in a Brighton pub, every week. Mark for information!

Hywl am nawr, Rhiannon

Hi Rhiannon,

I wont be able to do Monday nights but I certainly hope to join you on one of your weekend meetups.


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Pawb

Yes, it’s the start of another year.

As always, the Cacen group (Cylch Alltud Cymraeg enfys yn Ne lloegr - yes, it’s stretching a point) will be meeting monthly at each others’ houses and we now have the schedule for the first few sessions of 2020. For those interested, we also meet up weekly at a pub in Brighton. For details of weekly or montly meetups, please PM me with your email address and i will send you location details.

Here we go:
January 11 Hove

Feb 8 Havant

March 14 Chichester

April 5 Alfriston East Sussex - Get together sometime afternoon, have session, eat in pub followed by Calan gig evening - don’t forget to book your tickets if you want to join us ( and let me know if you want me to include you at the pub (which we have not yet selected)

May 9 Uckfield/Crowborough

June 13 East Grinstead

July 11 - Portsmouth

For those who don’t know, the emphasis is on hwyl no matter where you are on the language learning continuum you may be. (Except for the Alfriston meetup) bring a plate for a shared lunch. Start time is 1:00 finish around 4:00

We usually have a ‘show and tell’ so we can impart our own news since last meetup, and then put something together on a theme so we can exercise our tongues. Preferably not reading from notes, but prompts are ok. the point is to be abe to think on our feet with the vocabulary we already know. So, no harm in working out what you want to say beforehand and learning those specific words - it will give context, meaning and point to learning new vocabulary.

Being a new year and this time more than most, carries all our hopes for a better future, the theme is: My hope(s) for the new year and the decade ahead. And of course why. Can be short or can be (not too) long. Can be spoken word, song, poem, the floor is yours.

If you’re new and shy, you have the right to remain silent, but we hope you will enjoy nevertheless.

Hwyl am y tro


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Hoping to make some of these gatherings!!

Prynhawd da!

Just a quick note to let all SSiW meet-up group organisers and coordinators, know that I have taken responsibility for the weekly email over from Deborah. So if you have any updated information about the group you’re responsible for, please let me know and I’ll ensure the correct info goes in the email. Diolch! :slight_smile:

Helo pawb

CACEN meetup time coming up: Saturday 14th March, 1 - 4 pm in Chichester.
Croeso if you’re going to be in the area or would like to pop over to Chichester for the day.

As well as a shared lunch, lots of general chat and a news catch-up, we have a theme - this time: ysbrydoliaeth. Who (living or otherwise), what or where inspires me most and how or why?

Please contact Mark (above) for details.

Gutted I’m missing this, I’ll be in Cardiff for the rugby.

Enjoy the rugby, Emma! And hope to see you soon.

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Well, what a year it’s been. Cacen like the rest of the world is still cooped up in house arrest. I’m sure I speak for the whole group when I wish you all well and hope you are safe and well.

Sadly we can’t announce an in-person meetup yet, but we have been soldiering on online with two weekly meetups on Zoom which have the been the saving grace for some of us - saving our sanity, that is.

It came about in tonight’s meetup that the Cacen Group (Cylch Alltud Cymraeg Enfys yn Ne Loegr) celebrates its 10th anniversary in December 2021 and even more pleasingly, a number of the original group are still with us. Some of us have moved (in some cases moved back) to Cymru, some have stayed where they were in South East England but it still feels like family. We are blessed in that regard.

Yet to be discussed with the group, in other words, I am maybe jumping the gun but it occurs to me that 10 years is worthy of celebration.

So watch this space as I think it would be true to say that we as a group will do something.

Being optimistic as one has to be at this time, we will be out of lockdown(s) by December and I foresee an open event to which friends and connections will be invited. No idea where yet or exactly when. It may be dinner in Brighton or somewhere that way or maybe Cardiff, depends on who wants what where and when. It may even be a weekend event. too many variable yet but as discussion progresses, and we regain our social freedoms, something will definitely happen.

Let me know by private message if you would like to be invited.

Hwyl fawr

Wow! 10 years is truly something to celebrate. I’ve always enjoyed the times I’ve met up with any of you from the group, whether in Cardiff or at the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol.

I have no idea what the situation will be like in terms of travelling out of Spain by then, but please send me an invitation and if it’s possible I would love to come to the celebration :partying_face:

Hi Deborah

Great to hear from you.

Are you ‘stuck’ in Spain or there by design?

I’ll post to the Forum as and when anything develops. You will be very welcome. Be superb to see you again.

Stay safe


…and here’s a link to the Khasi anthem: enjoy!

Sorry, just seen this! I’m living in the Basque Country now - Vitoria-Gasteiz - and loving learning Basque :blush:

Hi Everyone. Sorry it’s been so long. where does the time go when schedules are so mashed up?

You may remember the Cacen (Cylch Alltud Cymraeg yn Ne Loegr) group has been around now for ten years. We have planned a camping weekend to celebrate near Kidwelly this next weekend (6-8 August). The plan is to chill on Friday evening, go to Caerfyrddyn and Gerddi Botaneg Saturday followed by a curry at the campsite restaurant and noson lawen after. Sunday morning a trip to Castell Carreg Cennen.

If any of our friends would like to meet up and participate in any or all of the above, please send me a private message and let me know.

Hope you are all surviving the shenanigans and hope to see some of you.



Oh what a shame that missed the Newsletter! I’m sure there would be lots of SSiWers around those places who would like to join you some of the time. If I was still living in Llandysul, I would be there! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Diolch Deborah, Sorry to have been so late in advising

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I’ve linked to the notice in our 6/6 Support Slack and also in the WSP Slack platform, so maybe you’ll get some interest :slight_smile:

@markwatkinprice is this group still going? There have been a few enquiries from people in the Surrey area recently.

Hi Deborah, I am here to let you know that Cacen South East group is still running… We are away at the end of July to Wales for a weekend and then some of us are going to the Eisteddfod, Where hopefully we will meet up other ssi people. We should be doing our next monthly meet up in Sep I can let you know where and when nearer the time. We would love for new people to come and join us.
It has taken us a little while to get back to pre covid days but we are getting there.
thanks for your help
Sally Mayger

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Diolch Sally! I hope to catch up with you and some of the group at the Eisteddfod. I’ll pop a note in this week’s newsletter reminding people of the CACEN group, and hopefully you’ll have some new members come September.