Bwtglamp Eisteddfod 2017

I only camped once and the most unfortunate thing about a tent is the lack of soundproofing! Evey word is audible to the neighbours, which I realised when children in the tent next door got chatting! It might be better in a thick felt yurt, and they must be better insulated too!! I was very glad I had realised about sound before saying anything much in the tent!!
ps Thanks to all who explained ‘clamping’! When I first read the word, I thought it was a typo!! (A very odd one, as c a and l are rather far apart!)

There’s a couple of questions come up here, os:

£800 for the week is for a tent (it’s approximate, nased on Abegavenny’s pricing.

That may seem a bit expensive, but compare’s reasonably well with a caravan pitch, or with booking peak season accommodation anywhere near the Eisteddfod site. The camp site is right next door to the Maes this year as well, which swayed us to glamping it as opposed to booking a cottage. The ability to pop in and out of the Maes is a biggy when you’re there all week, especially with 2 (or possibly 4) children, and for us, it means that Cat would be able to get some rest during the day as well.

The glamping site will be close to the caravan and camping sites, and within the individual sites, you will be able to stay together (ie anyone caravaning can ask for pitches together, and campers can either ask for, or possibly just turn up and bag adjacent pitches). Anyone wanting to bootglamp will also be in adjacent tents. There was a 4 tent group in Abergavenny, and the tents were actually set up as a group of 4.

The Glamping facilities (kitchen, communal dining area, seating area etc) are only open to glampers, but if we have people staying in caravans or tents, I can’t see a problem with arranging activities for us there - that’s something I’d have to OK with Best of Wales, though.

And of course, any on or off-maes activities would be open to anyone, although depending on what was arranged, we would probably have to charge for things. I’m being deliberately vague here, because I’ve not planned anything beyond “being in the vicinity of the Eisteddfod for a week”!

BTW - Glamourous may be a slight exaggeration of the facilities: Although Glamping is coniderably more luxurious than camping at the eisteddfod, don;t think of the glamping here in the context of glamping elsewhere. Whilst “glamping holidays” basically give you a chalet made of canvas, these are very much tents with beds in, but they are tents that someone else sets up and takes down, and they are quite roomy, so considerably better than most tents!

There are no secure area for belongings, so I wouldn’t suggest that you bring expensive laptops / sound systems etc to the tent. On the other hand, the whole area is fenced off and there are staff on site all the time, so if strangers turn up and start looking into tents, then they would get spotted and stopped.


Does one have to bring bedding / sleeping bag or similar?

Yes. Thee are beds supplied, but the individual glamper needs to supply their own bedding.

Not sure if this is right place @Deborah-SSi ? @aran but Eisteddfod tickets go on sale on 3rd April. Saw advert on S4C!

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Diolch @henddraig

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Reit te, having heard a couple of weeks ago that the caravan site was sold out already, we have taken the plunge and booked an ordinary camping pitch. (Camping Ynys Môn, eek!) We’ve formed a group of two at the moment, with another family with kids the same age as ours - 7 and 10. If any other intrepid adventurers would like to join the ‘group’, let me know and I’ll give you the name.


It certainly looks like the bootglamp idea is dead in the water for Ynys Mon, but booking a pitch in the caravan site as a group os a cracking idea.

We (as in the whole (ap) Dafydd family) will only be at the Eisteddfod for the first day or two, so we will have to arrange an unofficial get together with anyone who’s about at the same time as us. I think we’ll probably miss the official SSiW event this year.

I tried to book a cottage, but either all sold out or very very expensive.

So if anyone from afar wants to go to the eisteddfod and doesn’t mind a 60 mile drive, i’m happy to offer a room to them. Just send me a message. I’m in connah’s quay, flintshire.

Now that’s a shame about the glamping idea. But surely there must be other people out there crazy enough to brave camping? £120 for the week, on site - how about it?! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Just another alternative that came through today - camping with Cymdeithas yr Iaith. If you’re interested in the Welsh music scene, the price of £110 for a week’s caravan/tent site PLUS entry tickets to all the evening gigs put on by the Cymdeithas is pretty hard to pass up!



Did I mention how often Dee finds and shares valuable useful stuff like this?!

[No. No, damn it, I didn’t. :flushed: ]


The Eisteddfod has just announced that the tent field is now full.

I think Cymdeithas still have space if you’re yet to book.


I’m booked in on the Cymdeithas site - it’s something of a bargain if you go for a gigs ticket as well.

(and they’re having a ‘quiet area’ this year as well. (Not that it wasn’t rather nice drifting off to distant carousing yn Gymraeg…)


When are you arriving Leia? It would be good to have adjacent sites, and if there are any other SSiWers camping in the Cymdeithas site, we could form a little group :slight_smile:

Not 100% sure yet. I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth the palaver to trying to get weather, logistics and permissions to coincide to bring the X’Air into RAF Mona for the week.

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So I’ve got permission to land at Mona (with helpful little caveats about arrestor nets and insurance requirements in case I accidentally take out a few RAF Hawks :fearful:) so will try for Saturday with Sunday as a weather fallback. If Sunday’s unflyable Mona gets tricky with timing but I may be able to squeak in of an evening after RAF Valley shut up shop.

Leaving will be on a similar balance of 'how stable does the weather look versus how much do I (not) want to mix it with learner-pilot-fastjets!

And it’s still easier than trains via Shrewsbury or the “joys” of Traws Cambria…


No room for four passengers and a large tent? :smiley:
Nah, didn’t think so, oh well…

Hehe sadly not. Me any MY tent is a challenge when it’s a whole weeks gear!

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Looking forward to catching up again @leiafee!

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