Bwtcampwyr ar Taro'r Post

Anyone else hear Iestyn and the fab bootcampers on Taro’r Post yn fyw o Aberteifi? Everyone sounded amazing and confident! Da iawn i chi gyd!

Link to the program is here:

and the interview begins at roughly 50:45 into the program with Rhian, who was hanging out with the Bootcamp that day.


I haven’t, but I will be downloading the programme to listen to later on

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I must listen to it later too, thanks for letting us know Joanie!

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Bootcampers on Taro and Aran on Post Cyntaf just after half seven thirty this morning.


Iawn iawn!. Wonder if they realised they’d be going on Taror Post when they arrived at Bootcamp?
Byddwn i bron wedi bod yn c.chu fy hun taswn i wedi gwybod bydden ni’n mynd i’r siarad am Radio Cymru efo’r Bootcamp! :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought Gary Owen spoke at 90mph+ on that programme, and he didn’t sound as though he was slowing down one bit for the bootcampers, not that it seemed to worry them! :slight_smile:

1h45m20s in

(as part of an item that starts at about 1h42m50s in)