Bwtcamp Therapy Weekend: July 20 - 24 Booking now open!

Bwtcamp Therapy - Friday 20 - Tuesday 24th.

Booking now open

Cost £96, You choose which 3 nights to stay, though if you want to stay for 4, we’ll sort that out. more details at the bottom of the thread!

For experienced bwtcampers only!

If you’ve already been on Bwtcamp, and need emotional support from like minded survivors…

Or alternatively, if you had such a good time, you’d really enjoy a long weekend of Bwtcamp Rules in Tresaith, then this may be for you.

July Bwtcamp this year isn’t running, but the centre hasn’t been booked by anyone else, so how about this:

Friday night to Monday afternoon.
Generally eat out, although the kitchen area will be available.
Bwtcamp rules (ie everything in Welsh)
A couple of activities if you want, or veg on the beach. We could fit in a Chapel service, a barbecue, a noson lawen, a trip somewhere a bit further afield than a normal Bwtcamp… it’s up to you who attend.

I’m thinking the cost will be about £80 + VAT, which means that we would need to have 10 to make it stack up financially, but because it’s less of a huge leap for experienced bwtcampers into the Welsh-only world, and because we’ll be more able to split up into smaller groups, I don’t see a problem with us having 20 there (as long as there’s not too many of one gender, which could get a bit crowded in the dorms!) It is the first weekend of most people’s school holidays, which may help some people.

So. Expression of interest: Who wants to be there?

We need to move this pretty quickly, as the 20th is only 2 weeks away (!) and I’ll need to let Heledd know if we are taking it or not. If someone else takes a booking, I won’t really be able to keep the centre “on the off-chance”.

Who’s in?


What a great idea.
Unfortunately for me an important event has appeared on that Saturday that is impossible to work around. :weary:
I may gate crash Sunday lunch though.

I’d love to, but it’s Sesiwn Fawr, Dolgellau that weekend.

Sorry, I would be interested but it is the first weekend of the Welsh Proms and I have lots of tickets, and a BBQ.

It could be possible. I would certainly enjoy it. I may have a big ‘go live’ on a client’s project that weekend. If not then I would love to come.


I thought this was a great idea when I first heard it from @Iestyn at the Clonc meeting in Tresaith so you can put me down as a “yes please”.

If there’s not enough take up at this notice, I’d be interested in future dates. In fact you can put me down for an hour’s mindlessness therapy. :smile:


Yes I’d be up for this

Sounds great! I’m a 90%.

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Can’t do July unfortunately but am definite for end of September please x

I would be interested.

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I’d be up for that!

OK This is looking promising. What if we ran Saturday to Tuesday instead? So, arrive Saturday afternoon instead of Friday, and leave Tuesday afternoon? The dates are flexible, because the Canolfan is empty from Friday afternoon to the following Saturday morning, but I thought that a short shock for already-bwtcampers would be a better option (plus it would keep the price manageable).

Very tempting, I’m only a possible, as I would need to be very nice to my family first, but Friday to Monday morning might work (due to needing to be back for work and the fact we are off to Canada the following Saturday!). It might be a bit far to come for only two nights if you decided on Sat-Tues.

As I say I’m only a possible at this stage so better arrange it to suit the definites!

I’m only a possible too at this stage, but it would have to be Saturday to Tuesday for me.

It would be ok for me. :+1:t2:

I’d be a definite for the Friday to Monday option although I would have to leave late Sunday evening as I’m working Monday. Couldn’t do the Saturday - Tuesday option.

Would love to come Fri to mon better for me but may be able to do sat to tues

OK, Here’s the latest plan:

Bwtcamp Therapy (for people who have been on a bwtcamp before!).

The Centre will be open on Friday evening - we’ll say 4 for now, but it depends on when the schools are closing!.
Bwtcamp Therapy will run until Tuesday mid-day ish.
I think pricing will be £96 for 3 nights (eg Friday Saturday, Sunday, or Saturday Sunday Monday or £114 for 4 nights.

Unlike Bwtcamp, as you have been before, we don’t have to start people off at the sam time, and worry about late arrivals being left behind by people who’ve been “speaking for 24 hours” etc,

So, please could we have a formal expression of interest. If we have more than 10, I’ll open booking at the middle of next week. I’m not sure what the maximum will be yet, but if we go over 10 interested, I’ll worry about it then!

So, to express your interest, please tell us your name, the nights you will be coming, and which bwtcamp you atttended? Diolch!

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April 18
Phil McManamon
Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

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Huw Jones
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
The very first bootcamp and many since. :smile:

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