Breakthroughs: Does anybody have small successes/breakthroughs speaking Cymraeg they want to share?

Today I successfully paid my Council Tax (Treth Cyngor) yn Gymraeg for the first time! I started SSiW in March this year so this is remarkable progress for me. I asked for a Skype coaching session with @margaretnock first to practice and run through what the usual, fairly predictable format is. Armed with my cribsheet I nervously picked up the phone, the woman I spoke to was friendly and welcoming and it seemed like it was successful, I now hope that I didn’t say to many '0’s and I get a rude awakening when I look at my bank account! Has anybody else had a breakthrough that’s done wonders for their confidence? :smiley:



Llongyfarchiadau Howard that’s a great achievement. Your a lot braver than me. I phoned up to make an appointment once and pressed the number 1 option to speak to someone in Welsh ( I wasn’t expecting to be given this option ) after the phone rang for a few seconds and my brain was quickly scrambling to think of what to say I chickened out , hung up and phoned back again using the English option :joy:


I had this trying to buy tickets for a concert. I pressed the button for the Welsh speaker, listened to the music for a couple of minutes while I planned what I was going to say … and then they answered in English! I was so flummoxed I just went ahead and booked my tickets in English :frowning:

Well done for Howard for persevering!


Great job!


Da iawn Howard. Beth yw dy her nesa? Well done Howard. What’s your next challenge?


Hugely impressive, Howard - llongyfarchiadau mawr! :star: :star2:


Dw’i ddim yn sur Margaret! Going to think about that. Diolch eto!


Not as impressive as yours but breakthroughs… (things i’m sure many here have achieved).

  1. Realising you’ve understood something on the radio or tv.

  2. Ordering something for the first time.

  3. Dealing with unexpected questions.

  4. Singing from a welsh carol sheet.

  5. Working out what something new means without a dictionary.

  6. Unexpected conversations with strangers.

  7. Realising you’re constructing sentences without having to translate.

  8. Dreams involving welsh speaking.

Etc etc…all breakthroughs however small.


Talking to someone at work and then being asked which school I went to because they thought I was local. (This is in Cardiff, so people assume if you speak Welsh you went to one of the Welsh schools).


Is that really an achievement? Wow, I’ve been doing that since… most people on here were yet to be born!! You brightened my morning!


For me it was. New words on the sheets…thank goodness welsh is phonetic!!


I suppose, thinking back, I sang without understanding. In fact, I think I sang “Hen wlad fy nhadau” without understanding all the words!


Not with speaking, but I was listening to an episode of Y Gwyll last night and there was a whole scene where I felt like I was actually understanding the Cymraeg first, and the English subtitles second. I know, the real test will come when I’m brave enough to turn off the subtitles :wink: But it was a distinctly different experience where I felt that I was hearing the Cymraeg and not just having it wash over me while picking out only a word or phrase here or there.


Again, I wouldn’t call it a breakthrough exactly, but I had a bit of a quiet period with Welsh for a month or two (no particular reason - it just happened), and when I made a conscious effort to go back to it, I found I could understand much more of Radio Cymru than I was expecting to. I hadn’t forgotten as much as I expected (maybe hadn’t actually forgotten anything). There are still plenty of words I don’t know, but I’m quite often getting the gist, which is a satisfying feeling.


That’s exactly what happened for me today for the first time, Lewie! I was working with BBC Radio Cymru on in the background, as I often do, and not really paying attention. The news came on, and the newscasters usually speak far too quickly for me; but today, all of a sudden, I realised that I had understood a news story by accident. As I said, I wasn’t properly listening, so I wasn’t trying at all to translate, but the meaning just “washed” into my head.

It was a news story about the bridge in Llanrwst being closed. Maybe it helped that I used to live there (I’m thinking about the way you can hear your own name in the babble of a crowded room), but I was really pleased with myself! :slight_smile:


And rightly so - that’s a very significant achievement… :slight_smile: :star2:


I just had a Skype conversation with a teacher I found through Skype.

To be honest, I had booked the session mostly because of the encouragement in the Levels to “go out and speak”… I didn’t expect to be able to carry on a conversation with what I knew so far.

But I understood surprisingly much! And was able to say some things! And it was a bizarre feeling to just understand bits without consciously translating…

Also, when she said she lived near Aberteifi, I asked her whether she knew Tresaith… she said she did, very well, and was surprised that I knew of it and asked why :slight_smile: So I mentioned the bootcamps there, and she said she knew of a language weekend taking place there in February (she had a card for it on the wall).

Anyway, I’m well chuffed that this conversation went as well as it did!


And that, right there, is the reward you get for that kind of courage… :star: :star2:


I love these Pete, I like picking out phrases and words on S4C and there’s the odd occasion when the subtitles are slightly wrong, which is quite exciting! Lol