Bootcamps 2016

Here are the dates for the 2016 Tresaith Bootcamps:

April 23-30
June 25 - 2 July
July 23-30
September 24 - 1 October

Go to the individual bootcamp thread for booking details etc, and to discuss with bootcampers attending that specific bootcamp. If you have any more general queries, then ask arway below!


Sut mae, Iestyn

Ydy’n debygol fydd unrhyw Bootcamps yn y Gogledd blwyddyn nesa?

Fel arall, bydda i’n ddiddorol iawn am wnaed y ‘camp’ mis Medi. Rhybudd gynnar dw i’n gwdbod ond rhaid i mi gadw yn bell o flaen (ydy hynna yng Gymraeg iawn?)

Hwyl fawr


Shw mae, Sian!

Mae Bwtcamp yn y gogledd flwyddyn nesaf, ym mis Ebrill, ond sai’n credu fydd rhagor.

Bydda i’n gadael i ti wybod yma pan fydd bwtcamp mis Medi ar gael (ond os oes isie i ti brynu tocynnau awyren etc, galla’i gadw lle i ti hefyd).

There is a bwtcamp in the gogledd next year, in April, but I don’t think there will be more than that.

I will let you know here when the September booking opens. (But if you need to book tickets etc, then I can always keep you a place)

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Hello Iestyn, I have booked a place for the April Bootcamp. You did mention that if they do not fill up they will be cancelled, so I am wondering how the bookings are looking at the moment. I can get a cheaper flight for March if I book with Qantas before the end of December. I’ll be in Neath for fi e weeks and one in Tresaith. I’m sorry to put you on the spot but if there is a chance that it could be cancelled then I will postpone to later. Thank you.

Hi Lynne!

We haven’t had to cancel a bootcamp yet for lack of interest, except for the second september camp last year, which we only put in because we thought that we were going to have an overspill. I won’t be opening June’s bootcamp until April is starting to fill either, so it is highly unlikely that April won’t get 6 bootcampers.

I can’t absoulutely guarantee the numbers, of course, but I would advice you that if you want to come in April, book your tickets and you will be safe enough. If the rise in prices after the end of December isn;t much, then it might be worth delaying just to be even safer, but if it’s a big rise, then probably not.

One other thing - because you are incurring quite a few expenses just to come over here, I would definitely advise that you get travel insurance. It might very well be possible to get a policy that included costs back if the event that you are attending is cancelled - it’s definitely worth asking.

But as to “how bookings are going”, we have had two bookings so far - roughly what we would expect this early in the game. I would expect another 2 or 3 in January, which would make April pretty safe of gping ahead.

Sorry to not be absolutely definite, but I hope that helps anyway.

Thank you very much Iestyn. I am like a cat on hot bricks waiting for this Bootcamp as my head is full of Welsh that has got nowhere to go. Lol!


Brilliant! I’m looking forward to being caught in the flood!

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Quick question for the July bootcamp…is the Eisteddfod nearby this year?
Not that it would influence my decision, for some reason the airfare is more expensive for September than for July.

Also, if anyone knows offhand, what are the airport options if travelling overseas from the US? I know Cardiff is one…

Not really … it’s the other side of Wales, near Abergavenny

@tahl @atomic_newt @treymccain and others :smile:

Shows how important it is to talk to someone local - I was on the verge of saying ‘Yes, it’s kind of down that sort of way’…:wink:

Oh yes, if it’s not on the Llŷn Peninsula then it’s in that “other part of Wales” :wink:


‘Dros y Cob’…:wink:

Also take into account relativity. I was going back to Aberystwyth, from London way, for the weekend and was asked ’ Isn’t that really far?’ i said ‘Oh no, it’s only 5 hours in the car’, because I had been living in Fife, Scotland the previous year, so to me it was relatively close.

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Just shows how well I’ve settled into Wales. When I first came here after living in Australia everywhere in the UK was close :slight_smile:


I’ve flown into Manchester in the past. In October 2014 we flew into Manchester and took a train to Cardiff. Y Fenni was a stop along the way.


Ouf…wonder how far in advance location is decided. I’d hate to wait another year but if the Eisteddfod is nearby it would be worth it.

We, thanks to the wise advice of a fellow bootcamper, flew into Birmingham and took a train from the airport to Aberystwyth. It was one of the easiest international trips I’ve been on due to the size of the airport and the ease of catching the train (quick shuttle from airport terminal). The same wise and kind fellow drove us from Aberystwyth to Tresaith, and someone else drove us back to Aberystwyth at the end.

FYI we stayed one night before boot camp in Aberystwyth, and the day boot camp ended we took the train back to Birmingham and stayed at a hotel on site. Great decision for us, and the hotel (literally on airport property across the street from the terminal) was quiet with no airplane noises.


I think they announce the locations 2 or 3 years out. We’ve also flown to Caerdydd a few times from NY and Chicago, and it’s pretty $$ and with an connecting flight. Birmingham or Manchester would at least get you on ground in the UK and on more reliable rail transportation.

The 2017 Eisteddfod will be on Ynys Môn (Anglesey) - not really in the neighbourhood either


Well…no time like the present…

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