Bootcamp Parti 10 - this is your thread :-)

Thanks to Geraint’s fine work, we’ve got a WhatsApp group up and running for Parti 10 Bootcampers… if you’re not in that yet, ping @gruntius and he’ll help get you sorted out.

But it also seems to me to make sense to have a ‘home’ for you here on the forum - so Catrin and I will stick updates in here, and you can also use this thread to do random other stuff on a ‘just had an idea’ kind of basis… :slight_smile:

First step: let’s kick it off by meeting for breakfast in the Galeri on the Sunday morning(ish!) after the party - shall we say about 11ish?

Catrin and I will be around for some time every day of the week - usually we’ll be able to plan that in advance, but we might do some short notice stuff as well - with 20+ people, this isn’t a Bootcamp that we can ‘run’ in the usual way - it’s about all of you having the opportunity to spend a week in and around Caernarfon, talking Welsh to each other and to locals, and where we try and seize the chance to get to know all of you… :slight_smile:

So any time you’re not sure what’s going on, sing out in here… :slight_smile:

In fact - @gruntius - how close would you be to being able to tag all the Bootcampers in here?! :slight_smile:


Tagging ten at a time …

@lornarhodes @Bob @Isata @Novem @KateM @mintonman @lynneedwards @Bobi @cathy-howe @gog


Next ten …

@Hendrik @Lea @bobturner @EsmBoone @Richard636363 @chrome_angel @Rohini @margaretnock @peterallen and me

20 total I think.


Most of the above are in the whatsapp group apart from @Bob who hasn’t the tech and the two I’m still to hear from who are:

I did include you in the private message which includes a link to join the Whatsapp group. :+1:


I must say, this is shaping up to be very exciting, and all that’s happened so far is that I’ve been added to a WhatsApp group. Imagine how much I’m going to enjoy the actual week!

(I really should get out more…)


You do know that we all have one job for the week. Mine was setting up the Whatsapp group, yours is doing all the cooking. Have you got an apron?


I’m happy to cook! I hear that @peterallen already has recipes planned, though, so I’m going to lend him my apron instead.


Oh, I didn’t realise that was going to be the plan. Okay, I will leave my apron at home now that I have to borrow Isata’s!

And for @Isata I think she mentioned somewhere that she was happy to ferry us all around in her car (I have always wanted to be chauffer driven to a party), so we all seem to have something to contribute.


Don’t wear Isata or her jalopy out… plîs! They have to get me back home at the end! Sôri! Let’s rephrase that… Don’t pick on my new friend Isata, for any reason ever, and we need to take care of her set of wheels, too!

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‘Any time you are unsure…, sing out here…’

I have a Welsh-speaking friend living in…er…Conwy somewhere. He has emailed me hoping to meet some time in that week.

Might he be admitted to some of our time together during bŵtcamp or should I aim to meet him only during Y Penwythnos Parti?

Oh, you have high expectations, don’t you?

I will at least give Dusty a clean. Inside and out. Special occasion.

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Hopefully not too off-topic:
What’s with the French looking Umbrellas hanging in Stryd y Palas?

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That’ll be minus me in afraid. Angharad has three hours of dress rehearsals in Pwllheli on Sunday, in preparation for a dance show. I’ve been cunning and arranged for another mum to car pool on the Saturday, but it’s my turn on Sunday. So it will just be Aran in the spare car. :wink:

(yes this is a message for Bootcampers and my husband - although we work from home and don’t have separate office space, we’ve been so snowed under with work and party prep lately, that as soon as screens are off in the evening we’re too wiped out to have any sensible conversations! :roll_eyes:)



I was wondering. Perfectly normal, though. It’s when you start leaving terse messages on the forum about whose turn it is to wash up that we’ll start to worry! :joy:


Sure, bring him along… :slight_smile: All Welsh speakers add to the fun… :slight_smile:

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@Bob, does anyone have you mobile number so, even though you’re not in the WhatsApp group, we can let you know what’s happening?


Does anyone know of any church/chapel service, morning, afternoon, evening in Caernarfon on the Sunday, yn y Gymraeg?


I don’t know where and when but I remember one of the Beca a’i Phobl interviewees talking about it. If @beca-brown doesn’t know off the top of her head it wouldn’t be too hard to find it.


Hi there, there is a service at Capel Salem in Caernarfon - I could get more details if you like?