Blackmailing someone into making coffee

This one comes up every lesson, and I’ve never managed to break it down and make sense of it: “If you don’t make me a cup of coffee right now, I will never love anyone ever again”. Apart from the fact that if I ever attempted that phrase I’d expect a clip round the ear and a “the coffee machine’s there and while you’re at it…”, could someone please break this down for me and explain it?

Perhaps I should point out that if somebody doesn’t explain it to me right now, I will never love anyone ever again!


Think someone was just being a drama queen when they came up with this one - it’s always seen me adding ‘Pam? Pam?!’ And laughing at the absurdity of it, which I suspect was part of the idea. A bit like throwing things over the hotel, maybe?

(I can’t remember how close together these are in the course, but a similar mindset I think).

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Hehe, yes. I can’t work out exactly what the words are, though. I’d love to see it spelled out as that might help me remember it and make sense of it :slight_smile:

If you tell me which course, lesson, and time, I’ll have a listen and write it out for you.

os na wnei di banad o goffi i mi rŵan hyn, fydda i byth yn caru unrhywun byth eto.

I can’t remember exactly what lesson it’s from, but it’s from the first third of level three - I know that because I’ve been coming across it recently, and that’s where I am in the challenges.


Thank you so much, @CerisHughes - yes, I’m on level 3 and this has been the one tripping me up. This is really helpful!

â chroeso, a pob lwc efo lefel 3! / you’re welcome, and good luck with level 3!

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Diolch yn fawr, Ceris - dw i’n mwynhau’r gwersi, a dw i’n dechrau Canolradd 1 a 2 yr wythnos nesa ar-lein, gyda Coleg Gwent. Diolch i SSiW am roi’r hyder i mi wneud hynny!

I reached that one today - Level 3 Ch 9. If you are doing the Gogledd version it is:
os na wnei di baned o goffi i mi rŵan hyn, fydda i byth yn caru neb byth eto (‘neb’ instead of ‘unrhywun’). It appears from my dictionary that ‘wnei di’ (or just ‘nei di’) is 2nd pers. sing. future tense of gwneud

yes, you’re right, it’s definitely ‘neb’

And if you’re doing the southern course, its:

Os na wnei di ddisgled o goffi i fi’n syth, yna fydda i byth yn caru neb byth eto


Eskerrik asko Deborah! :blush:

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Ez horregatik, Chris! :star_struck:


I have to say that rŵan hyn has a lot more drama-queen flounce to it than a mere yn syth, I’m afraid.

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I totally agree there! It’s an expression I would definitely borrow from the Gogledd if I were a parent with young children :rofl:


Actually, you can add a little more ‘oomph’ in the south with bin - yn syth bin!