Better - well

Can’t make out what is said on the recording, using translate in google came up with interesting stuff

So, for example " The old man better remembers…" does this translate in to something like " Well yr hen ddyn gofio…"? Diolch yn fwr

Do you mean the in the lessons?

Did you have a look at vocabulary lists?
Sometimes they go unnoticed, especially in the Android app, where you can’t see them.
They include all the main vocabulary and many of the full sentences!

(personally, I’m not first language English and I’m not completely sure of what “The old man better remembers” so I’d better not try to translate it in Welsh cause it may get worse! :sweat_smile:)

But I’m sure someone else in the Forum can help - or if you need help for finding the vocabulary, just ask!

Which lesson (or “challenge”) are you listening to? My American English finds that phrase rather odd, so I’m not entirely sure what the (full) sentence is saying, which means it could be a couple of different things.

Well i mi gofio = I’d better remember…
Well I ti gofio = you’d better remember…
Well i’r hen ddyn gofio = the old man better remember

‘Well’ is the softened ‘gwell’ - better - and it’s softened because it’s a shortening of ‘mae’n well i’ or ‘byddai’n well’ - literally ‘its better for the old man to remember’ or 'it would be better for…etc etc"

…so the Welsh meaning is fairly direct - the English on the other hand!..:crazy_face:…As an English first language speaker I’d say the ‘had better’ phrase in English is idiomatic, as it’s one of those which I can’t really justify - the ‘had’ especially - it’s one of those that means what it means (to me)!

(which is similar to: the old man really needs to remember)

…hopefully there is some sense in that answer somewhere!

Rich :slight_smile:

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Gisella, thank you, yes somehow the bits I don’t get are never listed. I copy them before I start a new lesson too :slight_smile:

Sionned yes I know what you mean, to my German/English ears it sounds like a command. I am on 13. But thank you

Thank you so much Rich, yes makes all sense :laughing: I love these lessons and it actually sticks in my aging cells but at times I miss the more formal bits of a class. But then in 14 weeks I’ve got more Welsh in my head than after 2 years of council courses

Diolch yn fwr Sabine

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