Best S4C programmes for learners?

Any particular recommendations? Dal Ati: Bore Da is obviously fairly learner-friendly. Any others?


I think most of us have tried the children’s programs and like some of them.

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I usually recommend finding something that’s ‘about’ a subject you’re interested in - it’s a great way to pick up vocabulary. So, if you like sport then there’s Jonathan, for example. Or if you’re into gardening there’s Garddio a Mwy (not sure if that’s still on at the moment, but it might be on Clic either way), or the one Aled Sam’s been doing - Gerddi Cymru, or something like that?

I used to really enjoy another Aled Sam one, 04 Wal, which is basically nosing about other people’s houses. It’s going back a few years now but there are sometimes episodes on Clic. There are some brilliant documentaries available as well.

But one of the benefits of S4C having to cater to the entire Welsh-speaking population is that there’s an example of just about everything on there!

I get that you were asking about the level of the language, but just watching anything will help even if you don’t think you’re understanding it - honest! I watched S4C with subtitles for a couple of years before I even started trying to learn, and I’m sure it helped the language wheedle its way into my brain.

Another tip is to watch the news - either after you’ve watched it in English (so that you know more or less what is coming up), or before you watch it in English (so that you can check whether you’ve understood it!) The newsreaders generally speak very clearly and intelligibly.


I totally agree with Sara, and watch Jonathan as well as anything else about rugby at International level. (I am an old fashioned old biddie who doesn’t like ‘clubs’ importing players from all over the world) To play in the Internationals, at least you have to have been born in a country, have a Nain or Taid born there, or be Naturalised!
Also, if you like comedy. Anita starting again next Sunday, is useful because it is about a Mam and her daughter from de Cymru, both learners. Mam falls for a 1st language Welsh Gog and they move up! So you have a mix of dialects, accents and languages, which kind of gives hints as to what is being said!
Oh, adding to Sara’s list, there are various cooking programs, but I can’t go into detail as I don’t watch them!
If Cariad@Iaith ever comes back, or Hwb - they were both for learners and may be lurking somewhere on line!


Cariad @iath is available all series and episodes on U tube entering and useful try the 2015 series first


Meant to say entertaining and useful

Yes, I certainly enjoyed all the series I’ve seen!

In terms of YouTube, I know the old Now You’re Talking series from the late 80s is on there too. Surprised that the Talk About Welsh programme, which is a bit more up to date, hasn’t been put up either.

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Bit late now, but Byw Celwydd is surprising good in this respect (and many others).


  • it’s got subtitles in Welsh as well as English (at least on Clic - don’t know about broadcast)

  • It’s got Gog and hwntw, pretty much in equal measure

  • but best of all - this is two in one really … because it’s all about people who basically talk for a living, there’s lots and lots and lots of talking in it, and it’s very clearly spoken.

So no moody silences as people gaze out over lonely barren hillsides, no mumbling (SSGB - I do mean you!).

Just lots of lovely words, clearly enunciated.

(and lots of lovable villains and rogues…virtuous characters are so boring aren’t they? (in fiction, anyway).

3 episodes still online at the time of writing. The oldest one will expire in about 5 days. (Wish S4C wouldn’t expire things so quickly… :frowning: )


Eek! I’ve got catching up to do! (With Gwaith Cartref as well.)

35 Diwrnod has just started again, and this series (I’ve only seen the first ep so far) is looking to be far more promising…


Not sure if best for learners, but I like ‘Darn Bach o Hanes’. It looks at different bits of history, a subject in which I am interested. Also Bywyd y Fet about the Wern vetinary prsctice and Y Ditectif in which.Mali Harries from Y Gwyll looks at famous mysteries. She was on Gower in the last one I saw!


Considering you’ve named two of ‘our’ shows there (Darn Bach o Hanes - which I was researcher for :wink: - and Bywyd y Fet), and to save you wandering around youtube again, you might want to have a peek here:
only clips though, I’m afraid - again, licensing rules means we can’t put up whole programmes - so they’re ‘bitesize’ pieces for when you only have a few minutes!


Diolch yn fawr! Excellent for ‘haven’t time for lesson…’ I picked Bethan Gwanas - Y Menopôs a Fi
(couldn’t resist, although mine was a long time ago now!)

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excellent choice - I worked on that one too, and that research is proving particularly useful these days! :laughing:


That was a really good programme - just the right balance of informative and entertaining.


Today, I watched the Scarlets v Dragons rugby match on S4C. The Welsh commentary was ok to understand in the main. Nigel the ref was “miked up” and was giving a running commentary of his decisions as well as fatherly advice to the players all in English which helped to interpret the following comments made by the TV commentators.

OK, I appreciate that it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. However, as it was a “top flight” game laden with international players, I found it entertaining.

It seemed to be free of the skip load of clichés that come with English football commentaries. so, the language was fairly down to earth and accessible.

Some of the interviews were with non-welsh speakers, giving a momentary respite back to English. On this occasion there was no “Red Button” option, but usually there is, which would give an escape hatch to English commentary during periods of brain overload.

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I admit, I never thought to mention rugby. I have a very ambivalent feeling about the Regions and professionalism. I watch richer clubs in richer countries buy top flight players from poorer clubs in poorer countries and am not surprised when their performance at International level goes down. We all saw it over the years in football ( pêl droed), with managers as well as players. Every Rugby World Cup, you can practically hear certain coaches licking their lips as they size up brilliant lads from Tonga, Fiji, Eastern Europe etc. etc. But I must say, I’m not sure why broadcasters bother with a commentary if Nigel is the ref! If they just wire him up, that’ll do fine, and S4C could ask him to repeat the most important bits yn y Gymraeg!!!

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Gosh, is that normal these days? Does it also happen in football?

It must certainly add to the entertainment value, but I would have thought it might put a lot of pressure on the ref (although I presume that refs are by nature a hardbitten crew, and not given to worrying about pressure).

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Fair play, chwarae teg, most refs are not like Nigel, who is famous for his chat!

I’m no expert, but yes, I think it’s normal to an extent in Rugby Union. Having said that, as Hendraig pointed out, our Nige is fairly unique.

There are some clips of him on U-tube. The one I like best is when two players (I think in the world cup) were clinching for too long. Nige came out with something like: “Come on guys, you can have a cwtch later” :slight_smile: